Three Must-See Panels From The Printerverse at Graph Expo 15

Greetings Citizens of The Printerverse! Graph Expo 2015 is in the books, and what a show it was. From our first panel on Sunday to our last on Wednesday, the Printerverse welcomed over 1000 attendees who came to learn from our awesome Alliance Partners and yeah, have a little fun too. Beyond the four corners […]

3 Misconceptions Of The Print Industry

by Jennifer Grace When is the last time you’ve seen an article about how print is still alive? Or print isn’t dead? I see them all the time…and… I admit it, I’ve written a few myself. Not to worry; this article is not one of those, though, I do strongly believe in the power of […]

Eco-Friendly Books Can Be Planted And Grown Back Into Trees!

From Design Taxi – By John Yong To educate children on where books come from, publisher Pequeno Editor and agency FCB Beunos Aires have created eco-friendly books that when planted, will grow back into trees. Called ‘Tree Book Tree’, the books are made from acid-free paper and ecologically-friendly ink—the pages also contain jacaranda seeds. When planted, the seeds will eventually germinate from the […]

Captain SustainaBill Wants to Help You On International Print Day!

Greetings Citizens of the Printerverse! International Print Day is finally upon us and Wednesday October 8th is going to be an EPIC day of open knowledge sharing through social media around the world! To help get you started, I created the message below for you to download and attach in your email signature and share with your […]

A Super Idea To Save The Reputation Of Print And Paper

For many years the industry has provided a wealth of research, information and resources to address the perception surrounding the sustainability of print and paper. And while these organizations have done an amazing job educating us and helping us have intelligent conversations on the topic, for the most part we have collectively fallen short reaching […]

Sprout: Use a Pencil, Plant a Pencil, Grow a Plant!

I’ve seen seeded paper that you can plant and grow wild flowers, but never a pencil that you can use to write down your favorite recipes, then plant, and use IN your favorite recipes! Just a nice reminder that us “paper users” are part of this sustainable cycle! From YouTube: What if instead of throwing […]

Drinkable Book Provides Filtration Through Its Pages

Although this book is great example of re-thinking print, I don’t want the true subject matter to get lost and please be warned the video shows some pretty horrific potability situations. To learn about WaterisLife and help with their mission visit here. With that being said, it is a magical thing when a book can save lives. […]

Cardboard Packaging That Creates A Forest Ecosystem

This is video is from March of last year but its making it’s way around, or possibly back, through the packaging circles. Since I didnt see it before, I’m going to assume you guys didnt either and it’s worth a share. No matter how many times, or months this has been around, its still a […]

Calling all Print-Archists: Take a REAL STAND Against Toshiba’s No-Print Day!

 UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE AS OF 6/20/2012 TOSHIBA HAS PULLED THIS CAMPAIGN – PARTLY BECAUSE OF POSTS LIKE THIS AND READERS LIKE YOU! Feel free to read it of course and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF PAPER & PRINT! Toshiba’s self declared “National No-Print Day” is a marketing scam. It’s an environmental bait and switch […]

Designer Creates Eco-Friendly Minimalistic Coca Cola Can

via Designer Creates Eco-Friendly Minimalistic Coca Cola Can –   New York-based designer Ryan Harc has created a concept design for a minimalistic Coca Cola can that is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. In his concept design called ‘Colorless’, the can has been designed with a convex logo instead of Coca Cola’s signature red and white […]

The Last Infographic You’ll Ever Need: PRINT IS BIG

  via PRINT IS BIG. Printing plays a significant role in the U.S. and Worldwide economies. Despite the myths you may have heard, print is big, print is green and print is here to stay. This is a collection of facts and statistics about the U.S. and Worldwide printing industries. If you are a business owner […]