APP Turns Your Phone Into a Lightsaber To Celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lightsaber App Star Wars Print Media Centr

It’s times like these that you have to LOVE the “digitals” and the awesome things they can do – especially around the Holy Grail of Uber-GEEK fandom, Star Wars! This post is from Digital Synopsis, and the site is a great resource for advertising information, inspiration and fun, covering multi-channels. Check it out… but first, […]

How Print And Digital Work Together

Last month I wrote a blog explaining some misconceptions of the print industry (did you miss it? If so, you can read it here). As these are all big topics in our industry, I’ve decided that for the next few months I will explore each of these topics a little more in depth. I think […]

Are You Augmenting Your Reality?

Hi! I’m Chloe! I know we are about to start show season and I should be jumping up and down about GraphExpo, labelExpo and the other cool shows, but I’m buried in an Augmented Reality project that is going sideways. Let me share what I’ve learned! I started out, as many of us did, adding […]

Christmas Card Phones Friends And Family When It’s Opened

via Telecoms company O2 has created a Christmas card with an integrated SIM, capable of making a call between sender and recipient. Christmas has always been a time for sharing and connecting with family, and every year marketing agencies across the globe take it upon themselves to remind consumers of this fact. Once in […]


Download the free Blippar App from your Android, Apple, or Windows Store. Install, open, fill screen with image below and follow the buttons for a little holiday fun! Make sure you share on social and spread some holiday cheer when you’re done! A big thanks to the people of print who certainly kept it interesting and […]

[infographic] Responsive Web Design: Hope Or Hype?

Last February I lead a panel titled “Building The Bridge From Print To Digital Through Design” at Graphics of The Americas 2013. The panelists were (with their titles at the time): Jorge Suria President, Hooah Interactive Communications, Penny Stamp Design Manager,  Element LLC/Freelance Designer, and Chad Chelius Instructor, Author, Consultant at American Graphics Institute. It didn’t take long before my questions moved to responsive design […]

Turn GIF's Into Cards Using Lenticular Printing At Gifpop!

Starting last year there was an explosion of creating and sharing animated GIF’s online. Recognizing the trend, and acknowledging that ONLY being able to share through digital media was limiting, Gifpop! was born as a way to bring this art form into the real world using Lenticular Printing! The system is simple – you upload […]

British Airways Billboard Interacts With Passing Planes In Picadilly [video]

This is a amazing!  What other products could this technology be used for and where? From YouTube: Courtesy of a little digital magic, the young man in this poster really does know when it’s a British Airways plane. And that really is the actual flight number and where it’s flying in from. Full article here: Kids Point […]

Absolut Originality Campaign Adds NFC To Their Cross Media Marketing Cocktail

Working in advertising for so many years has taught me many valuable lessons about the world. One of the simplest yet significantly important is… BRANDS RULE, and BIG BRANDS EVEN BETTER! For example, an ad agency might have Southwest Airlines as a client, but will drop them like a rock to have American Airlines on […]

13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Infographics

When someone is explaining something to you, do you typically respond with “I hear what you’re saying” or “I see what you’re saying” – your answer would categorize you as either a verbal, or a visual thinker. However, most people are a combination of both which should probably be reason #14 Infographics are so popular! Interesting […]

Students Create 'Subway Libraries' With NFC

I could make some points and suggestions about this, but instead Im just going to celebrate the students and their creation, and of course the promotion of the printed word! The Underground Library from Keri Tan on Vimeo. Miami Ad School Student Project: A Simple Solution to help New York’s Empty Libraries(The creators of this […]

New York Magazine Debuts QR Code Marketing Campaign

Welcome to Cross-Media Marketing New York Magazine! Your first dip into the pool was executed very nicely as well… clear offer, tasty incentive, instruction to scan the QR Code, (and bonus that you called it a QR Code!), you also provided a url to the promotion (though not shown below), and your goal, per the […]