Marketing Strategy + Execution + Continuous Improvement = Long-Term Profit

a chart showing long term profits

Every printing company needs a marketing strategy, but most don’t have one. Strategically and logically combining print-based marketing and digital marketing is critical to achieving efficiency (minimal waste) and effectiveness (maximum ROI). Whether you believe your primary objective is building brand awareness, generating quality leads, strengthening customer retention, or increasing average order value, your ultimate […]

When Print Sales Are Down, Who’s Really at Fault?

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When printing businesses see their sales drop, there are gaping organizational issues that can be the root cause. The printing company itself may be the one at fault, and that’s the core reason the sales team struggles to do its best work.  We’ve talked about how print sales teams can hold companies back. In this […]

The Perfect Partnership: Collaboration Between Printers and Designers

multicolored blocks stacked in a blue background to illustrate creative collaboration between printers and designers

In the world of printing and design, collaboration is key. From business cards to banners, brochures to billboards, the collaboration between printers and designers each bringing their unique skill sets to the table is a crucial element in producing high-quality print materials that stand out in a competitive market. Now, I realize that this concept is […]

Why Creating a Search-Optimized Print Website Feels So Good

a frustrated woman and a happy woman sitting at a computer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feels so good. Why? Because a search-optimized print website can help you meet strangers: qualified print buyers you have never heard of and who possibly have never heard of your printing business. They are ‘qualified’ because they likely have the intent to purchase and proactively contact you to learn more. It’s […]

Authenticity Matters in Brand, Print Business and Personal Messaging

a blue image of fake and fact written into blocks

Authenticity for brand, personal, and print business messaging has become more important than ever. Whether it’s in advertising, social media, or everyday conversation, people want to feel that the messages they receive are genuine and truthful. Last week was International Women’s Day and the flood of messaging on March 8th showing support for women was […]

Do First Things First When Marketing Your Printing Company

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When creating a new marketing campaign for your printing company, it’s good — no, it’s imperative — to do the first things first. Successful marketing teams look at the big picture, outline the program, create a plan that everyone understands, and – only then – take action. If that doesn’t happen, even an experienced team […]

Cookie Cutter Print Marketing Doesn’t Generate High ROI

cookie cutter gingerbread man and cookie dough

Print shop owner #1: “Lead generation is hard, expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.” Print shop owner #2: “We are getting great ROI on our marketing, our customer base is growing, and we get new leads all the time.”  Both these printers are doing the same thing. One is winning and the other is wasting. Marketing ROI […]

Five Signs You Are a Print Junkie – 2023 Edition

cmyk ink in cans are you a print junkie print media centr

Do you see print everywhere? Do you count down the days until the new printing press or finishing equipment arrives at your print shop? Do you know what Pantone color the sky is? Do you make vacation plans around printing industry events or incorporate them? Do you look at digital marketing and come up with […]

How to Break Through the Creativity Block

breaking through a creative block

You can have all the right people in the room and still have a creative block when you do marketing for a printing company. Here’s my perspective on how to get the creativity flowing when you do print-digital-media marketing in the printing industry.  This story is about a client who does specialty screen printing and […]

Are Your Print Company Videos Optimized for Search Engines?

how to optimize videos for optimizing SEO for printing businesses

Video marketing is hot and print shop video marketing is getting even hotter in 2023. In fact, video is the fastest-growing trend in digital marketing. Why? Because video works. Videos have proven to be 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings than other traditional SEO techniques. Live, short-form videos shot and edited from a […]

2023 CMYK Manifesto: Disrupt, Disclose, Do Better

Greetings Citizens of the Printerverse and welcome to a New Year! For the first time in 3 years, it feels like an actual NEW year and not a continuation of what I refer to as the uni-year. The uni-year covers anything that happened between March 2020 and December 31, 2022. All the maintaining status quo […]

Busting the Hustle-Bro Marketing Myth

salesman with beard holding money

What does it take to succeed at marketing in today’s printing business? I’ll tell you what it doesn’t take. Buying into the hustle-bro marketing mythology. What is hustle-bro mythology? If you watch YouTube, you see snippets of pre-roll advertising that feature earnest, fast-talking “hustle bros.” These dudes talk about how their program made them millions […]