What’s New in Near Field Communications

by guest blogger Ben Freund Near Field Communications has been touted as the next big thing to unite print and digital mediums for years now. The technology allows tiny RFID circuits, or “tags,” embedded in physical objects which send data directly to NFC-enabled phones and devices. Although NFC technology hasn’t taken the world by storm […]

NFC Technology is the New QR Code

When the NFC buzz started a few years back, I was all excited since like many I was having bad experiences with QR codes and was hoping something “better” would come along.  When this tech did, it was limited in use for mobile payments, but some very smart marketing people jumped on it and saw possibilities […]

Lexus Brings FIRST NFC-Enabled Print Ad to Wired Magazine

Setting aside everyone doesn’t have an NFC-enabled smart phone, this is still cool and a nice introduction to the technology via PRINT of course. I totally don’t get how there is a chip in the ad (since when NFC first was stirring around magazines/newspapers were on the no-NFC list) but YAY that they are back […]

Order Popcorn From Your Theater Seat via QR or NFC!

Finally an APP everyone can get behind!  This is from Australia, and if you watch the video you might be more surprised by their snack bar options than the ease of use and MAJOR added value for the movie-goer. Seafood Medley anyone? So yay to MasterCard for the idea and a great reason to sign […]

Coca-Cola tests NFC advertising in Singapore

It’s very nice to see that NFC and QR are living happily together in Singapore 🙂 Coca-Cola has launched an NFC out-of-home advertising campaign in Singapore. By Sarah Clark The campaign promotes the company’s Coca-Cola and Fanta drinks brands and uses the NFC-enabled Mobile Life! network of two hundred advertising panels introduced by Clear Channel Singapore […]

SMRT launches NFC posters in Singapore

  It’s getting closer! And while NFC wont kill the QR code since it cant be used in some formats – like ads in publications, it’s still worth being excited about since it’s yet another tech attached to print, and that means more print!   By Paula Berger Singapore public transport provider SMRT has placed NFC […]

Samsung and Visa bring NFC to 2012 Olympics

 NFC is coming!!! What a perfect venue too! Imagine all the opportunities for NFC enabled displays and posters the Olympics will generate. What is interesting to note is that the continued article also mentions that NFC capability will be soon be available as an ADD ON to non-enabled phones through an SD card!  Samsung and […]

Who wins the NFC vs QR War? Everyone!

I just read a great post by Tony Vassiliev – Chief Executive Officer at Gauge Mobile Solutions Inc. titled Will NFC Eliminate QR Codes Entirely?  One of the reasons Im sharing it, besides my love for all things multichannel, is that he makes this very simple and clear point: “…As I mentioned earlier, NFC requires a transmitter […]

Australia's Communications Council wants NFC technology sooner

They may be Down Under from many of our perspectives, but Australia’s Communication Council is Up and Over when it comes to embracing the possibilities for NFC, and calling the mobile companies into immediate action to provide the technology to the masses. If you read our blog with any frequency you will know we are […]

Infographic: How to Swipe Your Cell Phone to Pay for Lunch

Mobile Phones are quickly on their way to becoming the gateway to our on-lines lives, and our bank accounts.  While this isnt a new story, I’m posting this infographic because each step we take towards mobile payment, is also a step closer to NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled phones and the use of NFC for […]

Three Leading NFC Mobile Marketing Firms Form Global Alliance

Here we goooooooooooooo…. WOOHOOOO…. !!! +++++++++++++++++++ Today, three NFC near field communication specialists are announcing a global alliance to help promote the use of the technology as a viable mobile marketing tool. The firms involved in the NFC World Alliance each represent a different geographic region, and include Blue Bite America’s region, Proxama EMEA and […]

Germany’s National Railway to Roll Out NFC ‘Touchpoints’

Riding the train just got easier… if you have an NFC enabled phone that is. By:  Dan Balaban German national railway, Deutsche Bahn, plans to roll out its NFC-based ticketing service, Touch&Travel, to its long-distance stations throughout Germany this year, a spokesman confirmed to NFC Times. The spokesman said the railway would expand the NFC […]