Building a Better Print Business with Dawn Olson, Konica Minolta


At the InPrint USA show in Louisville, Kentucky, Deborah spoke to Dawn Olson, Director of Production Print/Industrial Print Client Business Development at Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Dawn delivered the first keynote presentation of the educational programme at InPrint USA in April, in which she talked about business development for clients in industrial and production print […]

Leading PRINT with Thayer Long, President Association for Print Technologies (APTech)

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Deborah spoke to Thayer Long, President at APTech, about the organisation’s Leading Print magazine and the events on the horizon during this Podcasts from the Printerverse episode. As the industry evolves, the way the community connects and shares knowledge needs to evolve too, and APTech are expanding their horizons and doing their bit to ensure […]

6 Affordable Ways to Achieve Luxury in Print with Ashley Maydak, Domtar Paper


We all enjoy a little luxury, especially at an affordable price. Ashley Maydak, Brand Marketing Manager at Domtar Paper, explains in this Podcast from the Printerverse episode why there’s no reason it should be confined to the likes of spa vouchers and not apply to the paper we use in our print projects. As Ashley […]

Girls Who Print: The Group, The Movement and More with Mary Beth Smith

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In 2009, Mary Beth Smith started Girls Who Print as a group on LinkedIn. Over the years, Girls Who Print has evolved into a much-needed organization inclusive of women from every part of the print industry. Bindery printers, machine operators, marketers, managers, executives, salespeople, owners, production professionals, and students have all found a voice within […]

The Romance of the Letterpress

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As the fourth generation of his family in print, James Cryer uncovered a unique historical record of the printing industry when he discovered his grandfather’s handwritten journal among his father’s papers. Despite having never met his grandfather, the older man’s references to the letterpress, blocks, inks and other familiar elements of the printing trade resonate […]

Are Print Management Services Signaling the End for Print Buyers?

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As an in-house corporate print buyer, “Dee” has managed print spend budgets ranging from $15 million to $80 million for large ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Over the last decade, she has become increasingly concerned for the print industry and the talented print production professionals who lose their jobs as Print Management Services swoop […]

Creating a Crypto Currency Print Opportunity with Dante Hamilton LIVE from #XeikonCafe

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While in high school, Dante Hamilton started his first print business after he learned calligraphy and how to work a varityper machine. Today, with a long track record as an entrepreneur, Dante has never forgotten how his mother and his fashionable, beret-wearing, stingray-driving art teacher opened the doors that allowed him to enter and thrive […]