How to Tell if You Are Considered a Print Vendor or a Print Partner

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If print customers are thinking of you as a print vendor and not as a print partner, you are in serious trouble. You are interchangeable. You are competing on price. You are a number on a spreadsheet. You aren’t top of mind for recommendations or referrals. You are on the way out and you probably […]

3 Ways to Earn Trust Through Collaboration with Print Customers

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The secret to earning referrals and long-term loyalty with print customers for their printing and print marketing needs is really no secret. Creative collaboration is the key to success. Collaboration can take many forms. On the lowest end, we have information exchange and administrative collaboration: emails, calls, job status, pricing, billing, and so on. The […]

But Wait, There’s More: 3 New Business Ideas for Print Businesses

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The summer is approaching and that typically means a little slow down for most print businesses, but honestly who knows anymore. We will collect metrics as we live through it and reflect on this and past years, like most situations since Covid kicked off. So, I’ll adjust. If you find yourself with a little extra […]

How to Help Overworked Print Customers Buy From You

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Making print sales isn’t easy these days. Supply chain issues are disrupting the process and the ability to promise everything will be ok with 100% certainty. This situation can make even the most seasoned print customers nervous especially if they work as a print producer at advertising agencies, brands, or corporations that plan their print […]

Explore Print Sample TV: Even More Print Samples!

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A few weeks ago, we had a chance to create a bucket of new episodes of Print Sample TV! We have some cool things coming, including a look at some new options for enhancing print with foil, new inkjet technologies, and some great ideas for how to create your own print sample set, complete with […]

Packaging Design Meets Graphic Design

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Startups juggle many things when launching products. It is a combination of taking care of business and a labor of love to make sure every detail is just right. While there is a great deal of excitement around tweaking the product, finding customers, marketing, and getting distribution channels, it is tempting to push packaging to […]

Project Peacock: A Resource Playground for Printers and Creatives

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These days good information is increasingly difficult to come by. Unless you already know what you’re looking for, you may have to dig through a few google pages to find the “right” information.  Sure, my keywords will get me towards what I need…but after filtering through all the sponsored information and the various blogs that […]

Print Samples! The Jazz Fest Vibe

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Print-on-Demand has a certain vibe. It’s immediate. It’s vibrant. But it’s also not the way many printers work. In this episode of Print Sample TV, we had a chance to talk about a print that we’ve been sitting on since last year. It’s the 202nd edition of the amazing New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival […]