E-Commerce Packaging – Past, Present and Future

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Past Catalog sales existed in the mid-1600s for seed and book sales, by the last half of the 1800s, mail-order businesses were well established in Europe. Trains shipped products to distant customers in barrels, bins, and boxes. Companies such as Tiffany’s, Sears, and Montgomery Ward were early leaders in catalog sales in the United States […]

Winning Print Customers by Losing the Print Pitch

Podcasts From The Printerverse launched two new series at the end of 2019 that you should be paying attention to. The #PrinterChatPodcast features Will Crabtree, Owner of TampaPrinter.com, and Jamie McLennan, Creative Print Strategist at DMR Graphics, and we discuss the boots-on-the-ground business of print. Print Buying #UKvUSA is an ongoing discussion/debate between me and […]

Training the Next Generation of Workflow Wizards

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Across the years of doing workflow reviews and assessments one question comes up frequently: Where is the next generation of workflow specialist? It’s a good question. It is often followed by: Can I train someone to be my workflow expert? The answers are related. It is likely that your best candidate for your next generation […]

How Many Printers Does It Take to Print a Light Bulb?

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Q: How many Printers does it take to print a light bulb? A: You don’t know, you don’t print light bulbs… right? Because anyone can print a light bulb. You don’t want to be in the light bulb business. If you are, then you compete with everyone – including online discount light bulb printing factories. […]

Web to Print Solutions Benched by New Tech

Guest Post by Alex Almada, Propago YES, we offer the services to help you, but this post is not about that. This post is about why Marketing Asset Management matters and what you as a printer need to know. Web to print, web2print, or W2P, whatever you call it, they all mean the same. What […]

Innovation, Personalization And The Cloud + More Predictions For Print In 2015

Greetings Earthlings, Prink Geeks and Citizens of the Printerverse! It’s a new year and while I am sure you have been planning for it, it’s always nice to hear some print prognostications from a wide range of industry pros. You can use this info to validate your direction or adjust it, seek out events to help […]

Q&A With Frank Tueckmantel VP, Corporate Marketing at EFI

Brian Rothschild, my friend and fellow print enthusiast, could easily be described as inquisitive. In this case, I was able to help put that trait to use for the greater good with the assistance of Jenna Kempie! The result is an interesting Q&A with Frank Tueckmantel from EFI, and definitely touches upon areas beyond my […]

The Future of Print is Online Now

I am not a Vista Print fan. I have never used them, but I do know three people who have and only one was happy with their job. The other two ordered business cards and the text was not centered. They also said the card stock was really flimsy. They spent an endless amount of time […]

The PODi AppForum is back in the UK after a 7-year gap

Leading international organisation for digital printing announces one-day conference in London on March 29 Customer case studies will take centre-stage at the PODi European AppForum which takes place in London on March 29. The last time PODi ran a major event in the UK was 2005. PODi returns to the London College of Communication for […]

Printed Business Cards Based on Facebook Timelines

Well, this is quite a coup for Moo.com!  And of course a win for PRINT!  According to PrintWeek “Moo.com currently does 100% of its printing in-house on four HP Indigo 5500 presses, although it has previously outsourced its UK print production to its neighbouring Clerkenwell digital printer 1st Byte. Moo expects to manage the bulk of […]

What Digital Asset Management can mean to a Printer

We all talk about the myriad of ways a printer might add value to the services he provides his Client in these troubled times; Cross-channel, Multi-channel, email marketing and the likes. One service is very much closer to home than you might think. Many printers save files for Clients in one form or another. How […]