Digital vs. Offset – Combining the Best of Both Worlds

As digital printing has evolved, a new relationship with offset printing is emerging as well. Individually, each offers different benefits – together they are even more powerful. Offset preprinting brings the benefit of customization to large print runs, like one to one marketing materials or promotional direct mail.
Offset preprinting allows you to minimize costs through the printing of shells (static info) on offset presses, followed by printing variable data on digital equipment. Offset preprinting combines the best of both worlds, providing customized marketing campaigns, reduced costs, and increased response rates for print. Here are a few things to keep in mind to achieve best results when combining both technologies.

Paper Selection

• Basis Weight – make sure you know what the recommended paper specs are in terms of weight for equipment you’re using. It is suggested that using a minimum weight of 24/60# paper will optimize your production.
• Coated vs. Uncoated – be mindful if preprinting on coated. The heat from a laser fuser can blister coating which may cause damage to the digital device.
• Finish – textured and embossed finishes may pose a challenge, although some paper manufacturers are now making grades expressly for digital with embossed finishes like linen. A sheet with a smooth, level surface will allow for the even transfer of toner, preventing voids or broken letters.
• Samples – make sure you test the sheet to ensure compatibility on the digital equipment.

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