Facebook marketing seems to be somewhat of an enigma when it comes to businesses wanting to use it to reach out to their customers. Not surprising, there are plenty of pundits out there with blog posts and commentary that focus on how you and your business should execute a Facebook marketing strategy and most social media professionals are aware of the tips, tricks and various other nuances on how to build a better brand on the social networking platform. For small businesses, have you been able to justify why you’ve done that particular tactic with Facebook? What about if you’re part of a larger corporation? Do you have the numbers to support your efforts? It just so happens that Jeremiah Owyang and his team at the Altimeter Group have put together a report that should give a deeper look at what people are really thinking when it comes to Facebook marketing.

So what’s probably the biggest thing to plague businesses that are interested in Facebook marketing? No strategy.

See full article here:  Eight Success Criteria for Facebook Marketing | Social Media Today.

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