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Many printers I talk to act like email is some fancy new invention.

It’s been around for 25 years as a business tool. It’s going to be around in the future. It’s here to stay.

Email should be a key item in your printing sales toolkit:

  • Setting appointments
  • A place to deliver quotes
  • Stay-in-touch emails
  • Cold prospecting emails
  • Warm emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales pitches with attachments…

So why are we treating email so haphazardly? Why are we acting like it’s a technical tool yet to be mastered? Why are we still using it like we’re on a party line with the cast of Green Acres?

Your email list is one of the most valuable business assets you have.

In fact, today a printer asked me:

“What’s more important? SEO or our email newsletter?”

Email newsletter, hands down.

If Linkedin, Twitter, Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. etc. went away, you would still have your list of email subscribers who opted in — THEY AGREED — to receive email from you. 

Email is a business asset that should be used and leveraged!

If you’ve been emailing your list regularly for years and years — which all of my clients have been doing to great success — your list is like gold. 

Remember, email also ties in beautifully with print.

“Open the door with email, clinch the deal with print,” I always say. 

Are you using email to its fullest? Do you have a plan for the future that includes email as a selling tool? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sandy Hubbard has been author and contributor at Print Media Centr since 2011. She is a Marketing Strategist and Business Consultant who serves print, publishing and media businesses. Sandy helps clients build their businesses using solid, proven techniques and a systematic approach. She hails from a long line of printers, publishers, authors, and newspaper owners. For 22 years she published a magazine for the printing trade, counseling her readers about how to make better business decisions and grow in an evolving print landscape.

Connect with Sandy on LinkedIn and find her on Twitter at @sandyhubbard every Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET, leading or co-hosting #PrintChat with Deborah Corn of @PrintMediaCentr — Join in the fun at social media’s most popular chat for the global printing industry!


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