How Design, Paper and Print Collided To Create The Perfect Storm

Touch of Beauty leaves its mark in the Creative history books
by Deborah Corn 

If you’ve seen the movie (and probably everyone has but Nigel Cliffe as he reads BOOKS for entertainment and has no clue about movies or Pop Culture) you know that three giant weather systems combined and formed into one monster mother of storm in late October 1991, and left its mark in history. While that collision had a very unfortunate ending, the collision I am about to tell you about provides the extreme opposite.

If we look at the basic essence of what is “print” I believe we are talking about design, paper, and printing. When those three elements combine correctly you have happy faces and happy clients/customers. Every once and a while however, a project comes along that opens itself up to the perfect storm scenario… and such is the case with YUPO’s Touch of Beauty insert.

The starting point of this storm was Paper. Not just because you can’t print without it, but also because YUPO Paper was the client, customer and advertiser – it’s own perfect storm already! There is no better resource for getting the most out of a stock then the paper company itself – just look at the amazing swatch books they produce. So starting here, I contacted Bill Hewitt, YUPO’s Marketing & Customer Service Manager to give us a little info on his product:

What’s YUPO ? “That is the question I get all the time. But what is so cool, YUPO is in every home in America!

Most likely that laundry detergent bottle you grabbed last night in a hurry when your wife told you to get off the couch and do the laundry is one example. The mustard bottle you used to overload that hot dog with mustard: it probably has a label on it made from YUPO as well. 

But YUPO is not just about labels on bottles. It can be a restaurant menu, a map or poster in your child’s school, luggage tags and so much more. Some of the most beautiful magazines and books in the world have used YUPO. The possibilities are just endless.”

Now let’s move to design. The insert is an advertisement for YUPO paper. Once again YUPO’s Agency of Record, O’Brien et al. stepped to the plate and did their thing. They certainly understand their client and the paper but due to time constraints I was unable to get a quote from them on the image in this ad – but I will follow up! Meanwhile, Im trying to figure out if the clay/mud in the eyelashes is real or photoshop. I have a sample of the insert at my desk and sometimes get lost in the cracks of the mask and small details you can see so clearly.

Moving to the Printing, this is actually how Touch of Beauty got on my radar. Tony Drummond from Classic Color is a member of my LinkedIn Group, Print Production Professionals, and sent me an email with some info on this project. Everyone knows I like cool stuff, but more than that I like to share cool stuff (so keep that in mind if you are doing well, cool stuff!). I asked him about working with YUPO and Tony responded, “It’s amazing to work with YUPO because they truly make an excellent product and know how to showcase it to its fullest potential. YUPO has great holdout for both inks and coatings, enabling printers and designers to do some truly incredible work. 

Our relationship with YUPO is a true partnership – on every project we work very closely with YUPO and try to come up with something remarkable that captures attention. The latest ad we produced together, Touch of Beauty, began as an interesting, yet pretty neutral image. In order to create contrast, we brought YUPO orange into the flesh tones and introduced silver to the mud mask. A gloss varnish was applied over the entire image, and a spot sand coating was applied to the mask itself. The sand coating we used is dull and paired up with the gloss varnish some incredible dimensionality, tactility, and visual impact is created. The tiniest specks of sand coating around the mouth show the holdout of the sheet, whereas the imagery itself showcases how crisp the paper prints”

Touch of Beauty really is a thing of beauty. I LOVE the sand in the varnish on the mask, and having been a long time fan of YUPO it was an added bonus that this cool project was on their paper and a self-promotion. O’Brien et al., Classic Color and YUPO have created the perfect storm of Creativity. Colliding together and forming something bigger than themselves, they too leave their mark in history one project at a time. 

If you don’t’ know YUPO, I give you my blessing to leave my site and order a FREE swatch book now! Oh, and it’s an ADDY award winner (congrats!) also designed by O’Brien et al. and printed by Classic Color and filled with amazing imagery, cool textures and varnish techniques.

To see Touch of Beauty full size – download this pdf. 

For more info on this ad, visit YUPO’s Facebook Page

In other YUPO news: In November, the arts and fashion magazine Visionaire made a big statement using YUPO Synthetic Paper. Measuring 5 ft. wide by 7 ft. high (57.48 in. X 49.48 in.) Visionaire 61, “Larger Than Life” Deluxe Version was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest magazine ever produced, and is expected to appear in the 2013 edition of the famous record book when it is published later this year.   See it here


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