If you join us for #PrintChat Wednesday’s at 4PM ET, or follow PMC with some regularity, you know we like to keep it informative and FUN whenever possible. Such is the case with our Halloween #printchat. It started out discussing disaster plans which was a topical and serious matter considering Sandy had just devastated the east coast. During that discussion, John Kublank from Wes-Tex Printing mentioned he had a Zombie Evacuation plan, and well, how could you resist jumping in on that.

I took the concept a bit further to examine who would survive the Zombiepocalyspe – Print or Digital. Different scenarios might have different outcomes, but since this was sparked by a discussion about print I admit I was a little biased! This infographic is making the rounds and showing up in some cool places, so thanks to everyone sharing it around the world!

A Zombie infographic that goes VIRAL?… hmmm ironic, huh?


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