[infographic] The Five Most Dangerous Creative Productivity Myths – BUSTED!

angry-clockOur friends at AtTask have produced a series of cool infographics I’ll be sharing here and there. I started with this one because it’s something I am currently being challenged with – TIME MANAGEMENT! #4 in particular strikes a chord.

I have to admit then when I worked in Ad Agencies project management tools and schedules really did help keep us focused. It was also an easier way to get the team to deliver when they needed to by referring to the job schedules vs having a conversation or email chain about what was, and wasn’t possible. But how do you apply that when you work from home, and work by yourself?

I don’t think 80% of my workday is spent on things that have little or no value, but the percentage is certainly up there and way higher than it should be. All the dings and pings and beeps and tweets have me jumping from screen to screen like a 21st century version of Pavlov’s dog. At the end of the day I find half written emails, posts Ive started that only have titles, open browser windows for things I wanted to share but didn’t, and a to-do list that is growing beyond an acceptable definition of what a list is. Since I do work a solid 8-10 hrs a day, I am now really wondering what am I actually accomplishing, and how can I a better return for that time investment.

If you work at a company, or with a team remotely, you have the option to implement AtTask or a platform of your choice to help you manage your minutes. But for all the independents out there – what are you doing to keep your day in line? 

Infographic: Dangerous Creative Productivity Myths—Busted!