coffee for closersTwo years ago I undertook what I thought would be a simple task of finding partners to work with me/PMC for Graphics Of The Americas. I documented my monumental failure in a blog titled “Coffee Is for Closers” on Printing Impressions. In the sea of comments, some supporting my bravery for being so candid, some sharing advice, some sharing their stories, came this gem from Kelly, “On a side note, I would be happy to have a quick coaching session with you to help you sharpen those skills that you need.”

Ok, granted it’s two years later but Octomallozzi birthed some babies in between, and I had pretty much tossed in the sales towel… until now. As much as I think PMC sells itself – IT DOESN’T! No SEO, or site improvements are going to help me keep it alive, especially since that costs money. The tipping point has long passed to get a grip, suck it up, and learn how to create a compelling narrative that will clearly explain what PMC is, what is does, and how sponsors-partners-advertisers can benefit… so I called in Kelly to take me to sales school!

Not only will I benefit from the help of a professional Sales Coach, you will too since Kelly agreed to allow me to document this journey with her! Info on how to follow along below, but let’s start with getting to know a little bit more about Kelly…

DC: Who is Kelly Mallozzi and what does she do?  

KellyMallozzi_PrintMediaCentrKM: Kelly Mallozzi is a middle aged, middleweight Midwestern chick who always dreamed of being an attorney until senior year at of The University of Michigan, when she decided it was time to get a real job. After a stint in retail she got her first outside sales job for a small digital print shop in downtown Chicago in the early 90s and never looked back.

DC: I define sales as a need meeting a relationship… how do you define it?

I am making a formal motion to rid ourselves of the word SALES and replace it with the word ENGAGEMENT – it is time we accept that we just need to be talking about how print makes a difference, and whether we have that conversation face to face, over email, or on Twitter, it is meaningful if we make it meaningful.

DC: What are three personality traits every salesperson should have? 

Fearless, Friendly and Evangelical

lead generationDC: What is the most common mistake Printers make when cold calling? Should they be cold calling?

YES! They should. But the approach has to be “How can I help you reach your goals?” and not “I sell print? Do you buy print? Can I bid on something?

DC: What is the best advice you have to share as far as creating a prospect list? 

Get a real solid picture of what your ideal customer looks like. Think anecdotally. You should have a great story to tell about a client you worked with, what their challenge was, and how you helped them solve it. Then, find other companies that would benefit from hearing that story, and tell it to them.

DC: As a Print Producer coming from the Advertising world I am great at buying print, but pretty much the WORST salesperson out there! Thankfully, you are going to help me this year and we are going to document it in a blog series to share with everyone. What is my first step in the Mallozzi sales training process? 

KM: You need to complete this statement – My name is Deb Corn and I am really good at ____________________. Companies that need ____________________ will benefit from working with me because I __________________________.

DC: Ok, I waited ’til the end … Windy City Rollers… discuss!

Kelly-Malozzi_Print_Media_CentrKM: Yeah. So I was on vacation in Austin TX with my bestie in 2004. We discovered the resurgence of roller derby down there, came back up to Chicago, and started a revolution. We learned to skate, learned the game, and over 3000 people game to see our first match. All grassroots. All by passing out flyers all summer. It was one of the best times of my life where I met the most unique group of people. It wsa also my fifteen minutes of fame in that I was all over the radio, TV, newspapers and even Chicago Magazine. And I never saw it coming!

Join me on my sales um, I mean engagement coaching journey with Kelly! Follow along here and in News From The Printerverse for monthly posts, on Twitter with hashtag #printsales, and on LinkedIn in my Print Production Professionals Group!

Kelly Mallozzi will contribute to the PMC as often as her life and four small children will allow, which will be at least once a year.  As a sales and marketing coach and consultant at Success In Print, Kelly advocates for graphic arts companies to start a revolution and fight to keep print relevant.  She may be irreverent, but what she lacks in convention, she makes up for in smart-assery.

Connect With Kelly: Twitter @SuccessInPrint and check out her weekly blog on Printing Impressions.


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