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If you think LinkedIn is just an online version of your static résumé, then think again. It is a way to search and connect with a much wider network than possible in person. Keeping connections alive through LinkedIn is much more passive than traditional networking since the service delivers updated and timely information about your contacts. You can easily see if someone in your network received a promotion, switched employers, posted information on a blog or Twitter, and recently had a birthday.

Do not let this be the extent of your LinkedIn use, however. Start becoming an active participant. First, make sure you build out your profile: upload a professional looking profile photograph, add any blog or Twitter accounts, and tweak privacy and other preferences. Actively search and follow companies that you are interested in doing business. The serious LinkedIn users learn to maximize and interact with the groups and answers sections to shared and find information from people with shared interests. Use the search bar to find groups of all types such as social media, printing, graphics, public relations, etc.

See full details at:  LinkOUT on LinkedIn #in – m-Bossed.

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