McDUMB! McDonald’s Tries #QR Codes

Big Mac NutritionIt’s hard to believe that there haven’t been any McQR codes before now, but they are certainly going all out by putting them on every bag and soda cup! The codes will lead to nutritional information, but I see two pretty HUGE problems with that.  

The first, if I have a bag or a cup, I have ALREADY purchased my food. Getting nutritional information about my Big Mac while Im eating it will only deter me from ever buying another one (well, maybe some people). But that brings me to the second issue, if Im eating a Big Mac do I really WANT the nutritional information about it? Enough that I’d scan a QR code and try to read it on a 3″ screen? If needing that info was a consideration, I’d probably be eating a McSalad, or most likely not be in McDonald’s.

I just dont get why MARKETING people dont get the concept of VALUE ADD. For example, McDonald’s does, or used to do, those monopoly promos. Instead of having to carry around little cards and stickers to win things, why not just let me scan and store in my phone. If I win something, it can give me a code to show at the register. What about something for KIDS? Or partner with iTunes or Coke or anything else but NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION – which the author says is already available on the menu board! 

Seriously, McDUMB!

McDonald’s Tries QR Codes

by Saya Weissman


Whether it’s good or bad buzz, QR codes are always a hot topic of conversation. McDonalds is the latest brand to try its hand at the hyped technology.

The fast food brand is launching a new global packaging design that uses QR codes to let customers access their food’s nutritional information. The QR codes will be featured on all carry-out bags and fountain soda cups.

With obesity being such an important health concern these days, especially in America, more and consumers are interested in nutritional information on food packaging and more and more brands are trying to align themselves with healthy lifestyles.

Using QR codes is certainly a new way of displaying nutritional information and may prove to be a useful application of the much-hyped QR code. However, it may prove to be just another annoying application of the technology, especially when nutritional information is already available on menu boards inside McDonald’s restaurants. Why would people want to go out of their way to capture the QR codes on packaging and then find out nutritional information on their smartphones.

Let’s face it, the track record for QR isn’t very good. Can this possibly work?

(Image via Flickr/McDonaldsCorp)

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