So you want to be a newspaper baron?

(Haven’t you heard that print is dead?)

If you insist – well, you could do work experience (for nothing) and hopefully get a part-time job at the paper. Then, after a few years, work your way to a staff position, if you’re lucky. And spend decades navigating office politics to eventually become the chosen one to run the place.

Then, with all your power and influence, you can shape the news agenda and be courted by some of the world’s most powerful politicians – if newspapers still exist then.
Or you could just go online, now, and print your own paper using the Newspaper Club.

Surprisingly cheap’

This new London-based start-up allows anyone to print their own 12-page newspaper.

“It doesn’t occur to people that they can print their own newspaper, and you find out you can, it’s kinda cool,” says Russell Davies, a former ad executive-turned-blogger who is one of those behind the ventur

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