NFC Now Playing At A Theater Near You

Ok, well in this case the theater needs to be in Australia, but still good news that Near Field Communications (NFC) is making it’s way out into the marketing world! It’s interesting to note I can still make out a QR code in the bottom right corner of the poster. I suppose those will stay in play until the NFC enabled phones hit the masses!

Bin Laden film Zero Dark Thirty in ‘category-first’ NFC push

ZeroDarkThirty_NFC_printmediacentrby By Wenlei Ma

Icon Film has utilised near field communication (NFC) technology in a wide-scale out-of-home campaign for upcoming controversial flick Zero Dark Thirty.

Icon Film has claimed the campaign is the first movie launch to use NFC in Australia. In collaboration with Tapit, Vizeum and Posterscope, NFC-enabled out-of-home executions will roll-out on 200 panels across 91 shopping centre sites nationally.

When consumers ‘tap’ or ‘scan’ their NFC-enable devices against the poster, they will automatically have access to trailers and other content.

Despite the unexpected exclusion of NFC technology from Apple’s iPhone5, the tech is still being used by brands as part of a new wave of interactive advertising. NFC is being included on most higher-end Android and Windows smartphones.

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