Paramount Pictures Taps NFC To Deliver Exclusive Star Trek Content In Airports

star-trek-into-darkness-nfc-print-media-centrTravelers passing though O’Hare, LAX, DFW and JFK will have an opportunity to open a channel and hail some exclusive “Star Trek Into Darkness” video content via NFC technology. By tapping their NFC enabled phones onto Capt. Kirk’s communicator pictured in the out of home displays airport visitors will be transported to a unique mobile experience created by Paramount Pictures, mobile marketing agency Joule and mobile out of home solutions provider Blue Bite.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, doesn’t require the scanning of a code, or an downloading of an APP to work. The technology is based proximity and since people in airports are either moving quickly or waiting, it covers both since you could tap your phone, keep moving and watch the content later, or tap it and kill some time in a unique

Even though most people (including myself!) don’t have an NFC enabled phone yet, it’s a great indication of marketplace adoption that the tech is being tied with a franchise such as Star Trek, known for its futuristic gagets and methods of communication. It’s also always good to get the geek/nerd squad on board first with an emerging technology, and many Star Trek fans – especially the OG’s – fit that bill!

Print + Mobile…. ENGAGE!

Paramount Pictures taps NFC to deliver exclusive Star Trek content in airports

By Chantal Tode

Paramount Pictures is making it easier for airport visitors to access exclusive Star Trek content by tapping their smartphones on out-of-home displays.

star-trek-into-darkness-nfc-print-media-centr-2Because the effort uses NFC technology, users in several airports across the country can simply tap their smartphones on the airport display to easily access exclusive mobile content without having to download an application. The ad copy tells users that “The Future Is In Your Hands” and encourages them to unlock the content by tapping their NFC-enabled smartphone to Captain Kirk’s communicator.

“Mobile extensions for out-of-home campaigns for studios are a natural fit,” said Mikhail Damiani , CEO and co-founder of Blue Bite, New York.

“The studios have content that people like to consume and especially for a title like Star Trek, there are huge fans of the franchise who want to connect on a more personal level,” he said.

“The mobile component provides that bridge for Paramount to engage with their loyal fans and garner new ones through an exciting and unique OOH activation.”

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