Print Media Centr Announces PRINT FIGHT CLUB – A New Global Hot-Topic Discussion Series For Passionate Print Lovers!


The Printerverse – Print Media Centr (PMC), a leading provider of topical information and resources to the global Print and Integrated Marketing community, has announced the launch of Print Fight Club (#PrintFightClub) – a new discussion series focused on presenting and debating hot-button industry topics. The series kicks off Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 1PM ET with a spirited debate to explore: “Will Managed Print Services Kill Buyers, Or Save Them?”

“The print community has really been stepping up, sounding off, and taking strong positions on a broad range of topics through discussions in our various social media channels including my LinkedIn group Print Production Professionals, and PMC’s weekly #PrintChat on Wednesdays at 4PM ET”, stated Deborah Corn, Principal at Print Media Centr. “Through Print Fight Club, we’ll take some of the most significant topics to the next level, opening these discussions up to everyone. We will invite a broad spectrum of community members to represent their side of the story in a forum where all points of view can be heard,” she explained.

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March 10th’s Print Fight Club kickoff is generously supported by eLynxx Solutions, and features panelists: Deborah Corn representing Agency/Marketing Print Buyers; Matthew Parker, Principal at Profitable Print Relationships representing Print Procurement Specialists; and Jim Fennell, Managing Partner at ImpressionsDP representing Managed Print Services.

Discussion points include:

  • Will Managed Print Services be the end of in-house Print Buying?
  • Can traditional Print Buying be saved? Should it be?
  • What is the difference between Print Service Managers and Print Brokers?
  • How will Printers be affected by this shift?

“I have created some starter questions for the panel, and through social media and #PrintChat I will gather up more from the community”, states Corn “Attendees should be prepared for lively engagement during this discussion since all of our programming is extremely interactive, whether a webinar on Inkjet or the high-level of community participation we receive during our annual live broadcasts of Printerverse sessions at GRAPH EXPO.”

Click to register for Print Fight Club, sign-up for regular series updates here, and follow #PrintFightClub on Twitter.

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  1. This sounds wonderful and, if it’s anything like #PrintChat, it will be a huge success!

    But didn’t you break the first rule by posting a blog article about it? 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Melissa!! I know it’s hard getting around the “don’t talk about it” rule… but I’m doing my best!