Print Samples: Pushing the Envelope

Print Samples: Pushing the Envelope

The folks at the Envelope Manufacturer’s Association have a mission – envelopes. But it is more than that! They share ideas, compare notes on things like keeping staff motivated, finding staff, and finding that all-too-precious commodity – the paper and other substrates used to manufacture the envelope.

At their last meeting, there were vibrant discussions on how to talk with envelope buyers and designers. Remember! Envelopes not only protect the contents but also serve as a billboard for marketing messages. Anyone who uses the USPS Informed Delivery feature sees the envelopes before the mail ever reaches their home or business. When the envelope cares a tease, a marketing message, or a call to action.

In early 2021 we did an episode of Print Sample TV spotlighting a wonderful sample package from the folks at Tension Envelope. Take a look! There are ideas you can apply today and those you can build on to create a unique experience for your communications.

Watch the postcard episode, and explore the playlist here.

If you have the coolest print sample among the work you have commissioned or produced, let me know. I am always looking! Reach out to me! @PatMcGrew on Twitter, on LinkedIn, or all land with me and I’ll be delighted to tell your story!

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