Well, this is quite a coup for Moo.com!  And of course a win for PRINT!  According to PrintWeek “Moo.com currently does 100% of its printing in-house on four HP Indigo 5500 presses, although it has previously outsourced its UK print production to its neighbouring Clerkenwell digital printer 1st Byte. Moo expects to manage the bulk of the printing for the Facebook business cards in-house from its UK and US production sites, although a spokeswoman said that the company had two printers on standby for any overflow.”

Moo.com is also giving the first 200,000 people to place an order 50 free printed Facebook Cards – so hurry if you are interested but I would imagine that was hit within 10 mins of the announcement.

Printed Business Cards Based on Facebook Timelines

UK online printers Moo.com is launching what it calls a ‘new model of social-business-networking’, announcing an integration with Facebook that creates customized printed business cards that draws on content held in users’ Timelines.

The cards are designed and personalized by each individual, and can feature a different image on the front of the cards alongside a favourite quote on the reverse. So, instead of each business card looking exactly the same people can mix and match images to suit the business or social occasion.

The integration lets Facebook users leverage the content they’re adding to their Timelines for their own personal Facebook card. So you can extract snapshots of your lives from your Timeline and bring them into real life networking situations.

To create your own personalized ‘Facebook cards’, visit: moo.com/facebook-cards, where you’ll be guided through the process – you will, of course, have to connect your Facebook account with your Moo.com account.

In terms of costs, 50 cards will set you back £10.00 (GBP)/$15.5 (USD), though you can order as many as you like. The option to print a different image or design on each one taps into technology that Moo.com calls ‘Printfinity’, which is explained further in this video:

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