Ripple6, a division of PointRoll and premier provider of social media solutions for marketers and publishers, today launched two social advertising offerings — Ripple6 Social Ad and Socialite. Social Ad and Socialite incorporate real-time comments from social networking conversations directly into online display ads and, as a result, enhance consumers’ interaction rates with the ads. These products are the first of this kind on the market. Results from initial campaigns show a double-digit lift in the interaction rate of Social Ad and Socialite units as compared to standard CPG rich media benchmarks of 5.68 percent.

The Social Ad product is for brands using the Ripple6 Social Hub. It pulls approved comments from conversations taking place within a brand’s online social community and places theminto a display ad unit. Social Ad gives brands the power to extend the reach of their brand community to any site where ads can be served. With one click, consumers can view a Social Ad and begin to participate in the brand’s Social Hub conversation. Through this integration with the Social Hub, the conversation within the ad can also be rippled throughout Facebook, Twitter, brand sites and more.

The Socialite offering is for brands that have yet to invest in a Social Hub but want to explore and benefit from the power of social integration in display advertising. It is ideal for single campaigns, event-based promotions or new product launches. Socialite enables brands to create a dialog in ads where users can view and interact without joining or registering with that community. When consumers interact with the conversation in Socialite, they can view and participate in the conversation, share it with their friends and even return to the conversation on a corresponding landing page at a later time.

See full article at:  Ripple6 Social Ad Offerings Are First to Incorporate Real-Time Social Conversations Into Online Display Ads – MarketWatch.

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