Rotolito Lombarda and HP PageWide Press Share Some Inkjet LOVE at Hunkeler Innovation Days

One of the biggest reasons I became a member of the HP Page Wide Press fan club is their customers. These daring, creative, and forward thinking printers took a leap into the land of inkjet possibilities long before the technology was in fashion. They pushed the boundaries of the expected and literally created applications with HP PageWide Presses that in turn created success for their customers. Rotolito Lombarda is one of these inkjet pioneers.

In a few weeks I am going with Team HP PageWide Press to Hunkeler Innovation Days in Luzern, Switzerland. (I’ve read that sentence a few times because it still amazes me that a few years ago I was a professional print buyer, and now I travel the world with one of the biggest brands in the world to share info with you – but back to this post!) When I found out that some of my favorite Italians were joining us to share their inkjet story in the booth, I reached out for a little preview… Enjoy and hope to see you in Switzerland!

(ps… I did make some minor edits below to help with translation, but left most of what was said as it was said out of respect and to preserve authenticity. Any issues – try writing a post in Italian and circle back!)



DC: I have seen Rotolito at many HP events over the years. How did your partnership start – and how has it helped your company grow?

Our first contact with HP began in late 2008, after drupa where HP launched the new digital printing Inkjet technology. From there began a series of meetings and visits to other printers in the United States who were already running HP PageWide presses. We visited also the HP R&D department where we wanted to be aware of the state-of-art of the digital technology.

Before our HP Inkjet installations were limited to black and white configuration. In 2010 we installed the first HP Color Inkjet machine in Europe, with Muller Martini line finishing. We invested a lot in digital printing, not only installing a second HP Inkjet web press T410, but also on time and research. We tested many substrates, at that time the availability of the printed media was very limited. By doing this we have certainly achieved a competitive advantage and an experience that sets us against our competitors.

DC: Speaking of events we are all on our way to Luzern, Switzerland for Hunkler Innovations Days. Rumor has it you were involved in a video shoot – can you tell us what the video is about, and how it will be used?

Recently we installed our T410, now the T480 HD with the new high definition writing heads dual drop technology, I think we were among the first HP customers to do this upgrade, HP asked us to do a testimonial and a movie during test production with the new HDNA technology. As a test, we produced a fashion, architecture and design magazine in order to compare the quality of the new HDNA writing heads with the previous one. The print quality with the new writing heads is greatly improved compared to the previous. There is still space for improvement but we know that HP is always working to improve their technology for customers.

BONUS!! The video is now live and here it is!…

DC: How has HP PageWide Press inkjet technology helped you to open new conversations with customers, and open new channels for marketing prospecting?

For our customers, that are the biggest publishers and commercial companies, it is important to count on a partner who can provide the right printing solution in terms of quality but also cost-effective.

In the life cycle of a book or a catalog, the print request can be fulfilled by the different technologies, digital and offset. Small and medium print runs can only be printed, in term of economic convenience, by digital printing. Being able to provide the printing solution has enabled us to acquire new customers but at the same time we are able to provide more range of products to our customers.

For example we are producing now on our T480 HD a short run length of 2 different catalogues, in different languages, of lighting products. The catalogue produced in short run will be distributed to the worldwide sales representatives during the official presentation that will take place this week. Later on the catalogue will be produced in long run with offset machine. That is just an example of the printing service that we can offer to our customers.

Rotolito_HP_PageWide_Print-Media-CentrDC: In your opinion, why should attendees stop by and see HP PageWide Press at Hunkeler?

HP is not only a supplier of printing machines but also offers their customers a wide range of E2E solutions developed with their partners, and is constantly investing in research and development. For those reasons is important to stop by HP to see complete solutions, know the trends in the industry and capture the future of inkjet innovations.

Meet GABRIELLA MORETTI and EMANUELE BENDECCHI from Rotolito Lombarda and hear their HDNA story LIVE in the HP Booth at Hunkeler Innovation Days:

Tuesday February 21 at 15:00 (3PM)
Wednesday February 22 aT 10:30AM

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For 40 years we have printed an unlimited range of products in the publishing and commercial sectors; we use the most innovative printing technologies that combined with our experience allow us to offer our customers high quality printing.

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