“4.2 billion out of six billion people in the world own toothbrushes, and 4.5 billion people own mobile phones,” was the buzzed about statement at the annual Mobile Marketing Association Forum Asia Pacific conference earlier this year. That’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s one that small businesses should pay close attention to while brushing, flossing and texting away in life.

“This is definitely the digital space to be in!” says Gonzalo Araya, principle and chief creative and analytics officer of L7z Group, LLC. “If anything, we are here digitally to enhance any current and business-forward initiative.”

If everyone’s attached to his or her phone, it makes sense to do business on it. Last month PC World posted an article listing 10 business ideas to start from your Smartphone, which got me thinking about how to go about putting a business on the mobile, social and online platforms.

I spoke with Araya about what to consider and how to make the transition. Here are some of his suggestions:

1. Follow trends in technology.

To be successful and innovative, you need to competitively stay ahead of the market.

“We began with traditional Web 1.0 business solutions and now we are in Web 2.0, with technology even taking us to Web 3.0, be it defined or not,” says Araya. “The U.S. has been slow to catch up on the emerging mobile platforms, while overseas they’ve embraced this technology and [it] has become ‘business normal,’ rather than a new requirement.”

via Running a Business from Your Mobile : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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