Video Marketing Strategies for Your Print Business (Part 1)

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Video is a marketing tool that print business owners should not ignore. Generally speaking, printers just don’t utilize video to its full potential to build their brand and drive new customer demand. Why? Some think video production is difficult, others think it is expensive, and still others think it doesn’t work for their strategy. Those people are both correct and incorrect. Video shoots and editing can be time-consuming and expensive. They may or may not be the best digital marketing strategy for your printing company. Outsourcing video production with an agency can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 and it may take several weeks to

• Youtube is the second most visited site on the internet (14 billion monthly visits), only behind

• Web users spend an average of 24 hours per month on YouTube, more than on Facebook or Instagram.

• In 2022, online videos comprise over 82% of all consumer internet traffic. This volume has increased 15X in the past five years.

• Of the marketers who don’t currently use video, 79% say they expect to start using it this year complete a project. That said, let’s examine the facts:

Okay, that’s enough stats and facts. You probably know that video is a large, growing, popular medium for brands to share information with their audience. Video is simply an integral part of buyers’ journey with brands. Your print business should PROBABLY include more video in your PR and marketing content strategy. Which kinds of videos are best for a print business? Let’s consider some options:

Option 1 is an explainer video – These are short marketing videos intended to explain a brand’s product or service to an audience. Explainer videos often tell a story with an animated character or a narrator describing a problem, a solution, and the resulting benefits of the solution. These videos are often 59 seconds or less and may be placed on a website’s home page, product page, landing page, paid ad, or social media page. Scripts are typically less than 70 words in length so can tell the story quickly and persuasively.

For printers, imagine telling a story in which the main character (the print user in distress) has a challenge. Your printing company (the hero) listens, understands, and proposes a solution that has a positive outcome for the print user. Everyone wins. The video ends with a call-to-action for the viewer to contact your printing for more information. Most animated or whiteboard-style explainer videos cost less than $800 to produce. Some are available for less than $300 and can be produced in a week or so. With this modest budget, a print marker may decide to produce a series of videos to address a variety of printed products or applications. The final video should probably be less than 59 seconds, which is the current limit for Instagram. It’s also within the short attention span of the average viewer.

For the remainder of this blog series, we will examine other types of videos that can be used for brand marketing and demand generation. Those other types include webinars and podcasts, video blogs, customer case studies, product videos, and live streams (for events). We will also discuss how video can help your website with SEO (search engine optimization).


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