I dont usually do editorials, but in this case I couldn’t help myself. I came across an article today from the March 20th Wall Street Journal titled Xerox CEO Ursula Burns Has Advice for Ambitious Women. I clicked into it hoping to find some inspiration, and instead I got a heaping spoonful of WHAT THE ____!

Ursala Burns

Here are the bullet points (more info in the article) of the advice she offers to young women for achieving their career goals:

Find a good (older) husband.

Redefine work-life balance.

Be selfish sometimes.

Don’t take guilt trips.

Don’t take life too seriously.

I dont know if it’s just me, and I really hope this blogs’ comment section is filled with your thoughts, but I stand with WHAT THE ____! FIND A GOOD (OLDER) HUSBAND? DON’T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY? I feel insulted by it! 

hang_in_there_cardUrsala Burns is the FIRST African-American female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and this is the best advice she has for young women? What about thoughts on over coming obstacles, or believing in yourself, or learning how to work with others who might not respect you, or leading during tough times? Ms. Burns’ advice seems more like a “Hang in There” Hallmark card than wisdom acquired from her rise to CEO. I just cannot believe her career was this kumbaya, and the majority of women I have known throughout my career have had to prove themselves above and beyond for every rung on the ladder they climbed. 

If you receive our monthly newsletter, hopefully you are aware of a blog series Chris Echevarria is contributing on mentorship for women in the print industry, though it would certainly apply to any industry. Since Ms. Burns doesn’t offer advice on this subject, here are the three blogs to date for you to read:  Who needs a mentor?     So now that you have a mentor . . .     Some Qualities Of A Good Mentor

Now the BIG questions… what do you think about Ms. Burns’ advice? And regardless if you are male or female, what would yours be to young women starting on their career path?

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