PrintMediaCentr Joins Two Sides As A Partner Member

I am really honored to be a part of TwoSides and help Phil Riebel any and every way I can to slay the greenwashing dragons out there! You can help too! Follow TwoSidesUS on Twitter and Facebook, join the LinkedIn Group, share their cool EcoGraphic and see how you can become a member. We are […]

Who is Really Behind #Paperless2013

It seems as though the Go Paperless in 2013 campaign has backed down from some of its environmental messaging. I am going to share some visible changes to this campaign, and introduce some facts that may have been overlooked or missed very early on. I will leave it up to you to draw your own […]

Why is the Print Industry Whining About #Paperless2013

  Doesn’t the print industry have better things to do than shake its fist at Google and their Go Paperless in 2013 campaign? So many already think Print is out of touch with the “new world,” so why add fuel to that fire? And the organizations that are speaking out, well they just have their […]