Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Happy Women’s Print HERstory Month to one and all! Of course, this print-centered initiative occurs alongside Women’s History Month, marked throughout March each year to celebrate women’s accomplishments and highlight women’s issues. Unfortunately, here in the UK specifically and I suspect elsewhere, the main news stories at the moment are emphasising how challenging and dangerous […]

Remote Control: Cybersecurity and Working From Home

cybersecurity and remote working is it safe

We’re all getting used to the ways in which COVID has changed our working lives. Dealing with restless children, tolerating loud roommates, Zoom fatigue, spouse fatigue, eating the same lunch again fatigue – the list goes on. These challenges are painfully present, but cybersecurity vulnerabilities, while closer to the bottom of your day-to-day worry list, […]

It Takes Two: Digital Twins in Print and Beyond

what are digital twins

Happy New Year, Printerverse! Certainly here in the UK we still find ourselves at home, living our lives through screens. I’m sure all of us have friends, family, and colleagues that we haven’t seen from below the shoulders for the best part of a year, if not longer. We have become accustomed to our digital […]

The Future of Work, the Future of Print

what will work look like in the future

How do you define the ‘print industry?’ To borrow a lyric from The Sound of Music, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? So vast is its context and so far-reaching is its impact, exploring the future of work in relation to the print industry has its challenges. The long-term effects on […]

Print, Technology and the Circular Economy

how has Covid affected circular economy

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, some lauded a positive of the widespread virus – a win for sustainability, a chance for our natural habitat to ‘heal’ as people stayed home, factories closed their doors, cars stayed off the roads, and flights were grounded. However, on the other side of the coin, the pandemic […]

From Inkjet to Organs: A Look at Bioprinting

As I write this, I can’t help but feel a little sad. Instead of packing up my comfiest footwear and getting ready to stomp the halls of Messe Dusseldorf, I remain stuck at home, only able to interact with industry peers through a screen. No witnessing new technology launches. No beer hall debriefs with friends […]

Shopping in the Time of Corona: How Print and Tech Give Retail a Lifeline

Most of us are living very different lives than we were a few months ago. Even though the priorities in the grand scheme of things are stopping the spread of the virus, keeping people safe, and caring for those who are sick, it’s OK to miss the little things. Some of mine are: strolling around […]

Winning Print Customers by Losing the Print Pitch

Podcasts From The Printerverse launched two new series at the end of 2019 that you should be paying attention to. The #PrinterChatPodcast features Will Crabtree, Owner of TampaPrinter.com, and Jamie McLennan, Creative Print Strategist at DMR Graphics, and we discuss the boots-on-the-ground business of print. Print Buying #UKvUSA is an ongoing discussion/debate between me and […]

Three Tech Trends for Print… in 2020 and Beyond

Happy 2020! That number alone sounds pretty futuristic – I’m sure if our child selves were asked what 2020 will be like, many of us would have conjured up images of flying cars, robot helpers, and food replacement pills. Well, we’re not quite there with the flying cars, (although the recent CES show did see […]

7 Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing Audience

seven tips to grow your email list

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed calendar based and behavior based email marketing. But there’s a classic chicken or the egg problem… how do you grow your list of emails in the first place? Use email capture forms to transform your website from a digital brochure into a lead generation tool. 1. Create landing […]

Training the Next Generation of Workflow Wizards

WorkFlowWizardinTraining_ Print Media Centr

Across the years of doing workflow reviews and assessments one question comes up frequently: Where is the next generation of workflow specialist? It’s a good question. It is often followed by: Can I train someone to be my workflow expert? The answers are related. It is likely that your best candidate for your next generation […]

The Workflow Wizardry of Web2Print!

web2print workflow wizard print media centr

While explaining why so many of you are workflow magicians, last month we looked at preflighting and the magic it brings to a workflow. This time the topic is web-to-print. Web-2-Print is not the answer to every print providers dreams. Setting up a web-to-print storefront is not a guarantee that you will find new customers, […]