How to Respond to Questions About Sexism in the Printing Industry

Caution Tape danger sexism in printing industry

With just a few minutes before the first, women-only panel discussion on the main stage of Dscoop ended, the audience at Edge St. Louis was asked if they had any questions. The mic goes out to the audience, a gentleman stands up. With what I interpreted as a mixture of nerves, uncertainty, and a splash […]

Following Up with Five Industry Orgs Addressing Diversity with Action

diversity and inclusion in the print industry

In July of 2020, I reached out to five industry organizations to get their statements in regard to implementing policies and programs to proactively address diversity and inclusion in the printing industry. You can read it here. Almost a year later, I checked in to see if any forward motion had been made. Here are […]

New Event to Elevate the Industry with Help From Print VIPs 

online conference about print and marketing

August 11, The Printerverse – It’s time for print to raise its game. Elevate Print, a free online event from Print Media Centr and technology partner INKISH with support from 15 industry organizations will be helping the industry do just that from August 25 – 27, 10AM to 2PM ET daily. Special events at 12PM ET […]

Five Industry Orgs Step-Up To Address Diversity With Action

Over the past few weeks I have been immersed in conversation and online discussion about my post, Black Lives Matters, and The Future of Print. I wish I could say the feedback was all positive, but it wasn’t. In this 115 comment and growing post in my LinkedIn group, Print Production Professionals, and in numerous […]