Following Up with Five Industry Orgs Addressing Diversity with Action

diversity and inclusion in the print industry

In July of 2020, I reached out to five industry organizations to get their statements in regard to implementing policies and programs to proactively address diversity and inclusion in the printing industry. You can read it here. Almost a year later, I checked in to see if any forward motion had been made. Here are […]

Print (and the World) Needs Collaboration, not Division

print and digital media can work together

We are close to closing the book on a strange and difficult year. The pandemic, politics, and social issues seem to be forcing an already divided world further apart. But in the face of economic and personal hardships, there have been examples of humanity at its best, from frontline workers going above and beyond the […]

International Print Day #IPD20 and #GirlsWhoPrint Day go Back-to-Back in 2020

international print day and girls who print day events

Get Ready for a Double Celebration – International Print Day and Girls Who Print Day Go Back-to-Back The global print community has a lot to look forward to in October, with International Print Day taking place on October 21st, closely followed by Girls Who Print day on October 22nd The Printerverse – International Print Day […]

New Event to Elevate the Industry with Help From Print VIPs 

online conference about print and marketing

August 11, The Printerverse – It’s time for print to raise its game. Elevate Print, a free online event from Print Media Centr and technology partner INKISH with support from 15 industry organizations will be helping the industry do just that from August 25 – 27, 10AM to 2PM ET daily. Special events at 12PM ET […]

Five Industry Orgs Step-Up To Address Diversity With Action

Over the past few weeks I have been immersed in conversation and online discussion about my post, Black Lives Matters, and The Future of Print. I wish I could say the feedback was all positive, but it wasn’t. In this 115 comment and growing post in my LinkedIn group, Print Production Professionals, and in numerous […]

#BlackLivesMatter and the Future of Print

I have agonized finding words that reflect the importance of this moment in US history without delving into how we got here. I am going to respectfully leave that to the side, but not before I make my position explicitly clear… systematic racism and oppression of black people in America is real and must end. […]