Social Media Case Study: Girls Who Print and #PrintHERstoryMonth

womens print herstory month girls who print social media case study

This year, for #PrintHERstoryMonth at #GirlsWhoPrint, I had the honor of running the social channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and posting in the LinkedIn Group as we celebrated over 50 women who shared their print origin stories and advice for advancing in our industry. I learned a lot. I improved my skills immensely.  And I […]

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Happy Women’s Print HERstory Month to one and all! Of course, this print-centered initiative occurs alongside Women’s History Month, marked throughout March each year to celebrate women’s accomplishments and highlight women’s issues. Unfortunately, here in the UK specifically and I suspect elsewhere, the main news stories at the moment are emphasising how challenging and dangerous […]

2020: The Pandemic, the Pivots and the Perseverance of Print

2020: A year in Print

I am counting the days to 2021 as if it were my release date from prison. I’m keeping my head down, not rocking any boats, just trying to make it through the next few weeks without being sent to the hole or getting shivved. This year has truly been unprecedented and although that word has […]

International Print Day #IPD20 and #GirlsWhoPrint Day go Back-to-Back in 2020

international print day and girls who print day events

Get Ready for a Double Celebration – International Print Day and Girls Who Print Day Go Back-to-Back The global print community has a lot to look forward to in October, with International Print Day taking place on October 21st, closely followed by Girls Who Print day on October 22nd The Printerverse – International Print Day […]

Create Customer Conversion Programs for Print Sales

marketing programs for customer conversion

It’s almost month seven of COVID disruption and things are not getting much better. The United States leads the world with cases and deaths and the trajectory presented by Dr. Fauci from the White House Coronavirus Task Force shows that pattern will continue unless we mask-up, and get it together. His informed opinion is that […]