Boost Email Open Rates with this One DAM Tweak

Digital asset management saved the day! I was doing the email strategy for a company that markets itself to prosperous high-tech printing companies. Because email open rates are affected by the size of the images in the newsletter, I streamlined their template. I optimized the graphics and layout so the newsletter loads quickly. It’s what […]

Why Printers Should Attend A DAM Conference

I reached out to Henry Stewart to help me find a company that has helped PRINTERS successfully become Digital Asset Management service providers. When they put me in touch with Widen, it was quite a surprise to find out not only do they help Printers, they were a Printer! Widen saw a huge opportunity in the new DAM […]

Upcoming Events And Happenings In The Printerverse And Beyond!

I sent this as a group announcement to my LinkedIn group today, and it’s too packed with awesome event info NOT to share here too! Enjoy! Greetings Print Pro’s! Sorry to intrude on your Sunday but I am thinking you may have a little “quiet” time to read this and do a little clicking today. I will […]

Rights, Reuse, Revenue And The Recap from #DAMNY

by Thaddeus Kubis This blog is provided via Print Media Center and Deborah Corn. Deborah set me up with a press pass for the Henry Stewart Event DAM NY May 1-2, 2014 in NYC, and for that I am thankful – and hopefully you will be too. The Print Media Centr community was also able to follow […]

The Future Of Print Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

I have written a few posts to date regarding my experience at Dscoop and saved this one for the finale since it will recap something incredibly unbelievable, awesomely inspirational and yes, even controversial that has become my big A-HA Moment take-away from the conference. Let’s start here. Dscoop9 was filled with advocacy, education and tools […]

What Digital Asset Management can mean to a Printer

We all talk about the myriad of ways a printer might add value to the services he provides his Client in these troubled times; Cross-channel, Multi-channel, email marketing and the likes. One service is very much closer to home than you might think. Many printers save files for Clients in one form or another. How […]