VIDEO REPLAY: PrinterChat Podcast LIVE from ISA 2024


 In this episode of PrinterChat, co-hosts Jamie McLennan, William Crabtree and Deborah Corn discuss signage market trends, new business opportunities and cool things they saw at the International Sign Association’s SignExpo 2024 in Orlando, FL. Ashley Crabtree joins us to share her perspective as a first-time attendee at a printing and signage industry event. […]

How To Find Out What Attracts People To Print

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How do you find out what really attracts people to print? As a marketing strategist, I recommend research and data mixed with in-the-moment feedback. Research and data are great, but they’re based on what has already happened. Surveys are fine, but they may give overly positive results. Nothing beats testing a supposition with real people, […]

3 Tactical Strategies to Secure New Print Business Over the Summer

In today’s competitive marketplace, winning new print business requires more than offering quality products and services. It demands a strategic approach incorporating community engagement to strengthen customer relationships, build new relationships, and establish trust with local businesses. Summer is the perfect time to get involved and entrenched with your community. Here are a few ideas […]

Big Changes in Real Estate Mean New Opportunities Ahead for Print Businesses

Attention Printing and Marketing Businesses – BREAKING NEWS! The National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) has agreed to a groundbreaking settlement, potentially leading to a significant drop in home selling costs by eliminating the standard 6 percent sales commission and lower home prices.  As a result of this settlement billions of dollars are expected to flow […]

4 ways to Share Printspiration and Print Love in February and All Year Long

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With Valentine’s Day in February, you already have a door cracked open for the opportunity to share some printspiration and print love with your creative print customers. Here are four ideas for winning some hearts, minds, and dollars. Creative Color Combinations A color pallet is key to branding and marketing campaigns. Many of the design […]

Crazy Stupid Print Love

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I’m a systematic person when it comes to sales, always have been. So what in the world was I thinking when I spontaneously upsold something so big it would double the price of the customer’s project? You guessed it. PRINT. Crazy stupid print – and it worked! I’m going to walk you through how I […]

CMYK MANIFESTO 2024: Rewind, Reignite and Represent the Printing Industry

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Greetings Citizens of The Printerverse and welcome global print and marketing professionals to a New Year for the printing industry. 2024 already feels like it rolled up in a muscle car, rolled down the window, pointed at us with a baseball bat, and said, “I heard you’ve been talking crap about me.” It’s down to […]

Promote the Cozy Qualities of Print in 2024

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When marketing the positive attributes of print, we have to remember that people think of print as “cozy” – and that’s a good thing in 2024. With elections on the horizon, rising interest rates, and the growth of artificial intelligence, this will be a year that tests the most zen among us. We have a […]

2023: A Year of Highs, Lows, and Costly In-Betweens for the Print Industry

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Since 2014 I have shared an annual Manifesto in January to set the mission of print for the year, and a recap post in December to measure print industry success and reflect upon what we have learned along the way. The 2023 CMYK Manifesto focused on utilizing the power of print to safely and securely […]

Readers Choice 2023: Top 10 Posts Picked by The Printerverse

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The Citizens of the Printerverse have spoken and voted by clicks to pick the top 10 posts shared by Print Media Centr in 2023. These posts are focused on helping the industry elevate and do better in a myriad of ways. From personal to business development, print sales, B2B marketing, the return of drupa, and […]

How Printers Can Save Local Businesses from Themselves

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There is a local shopping area of retail stores, restaurants, and businesses a mile from my apt. It’s where I do my grocery shopping, dry cleaning, package sending, eyebrow waxing, get sandwiches, breakfast, Mexican, Chinese, and Thai food, and order pizza for delivery. It’s where I occasionally buy wine, visit T-Mobile, and grab a smoothie. […]

QUIZ: Are you Investing or Dabbling in the Printing Industry?

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The printing industry is not just about printers, presses, and paper. It’s a multifaceted world, filled with opportunities, innovations, and challenges. Those opportunities, innovations and challenges require the commitment of dedicated industry members to keep us topical, educated and moving forward. There is a lot of whining and complaining from the industry members who do […]