3 Ways to Earn Trust Through Collaboration with Print Customers

creative collaboration

The secret to earning referrals and long-term loyalty with print customers for their printing and print marketing needs is really no secret. Creative collaboration is the key to success. Collaboration can take many forms. On the lowest end, we have information exchange and administrative collaboration: emails, calls, job status, pricing, billing, and so on. The […]

Project Peacock: A Resource Playground for Printers and Creatives

Print and Marketing Resources for Printers and Creatives_Project Peacock_print media centr

These days good information is increasingly difficult to come by. Unless you already know what you’re looking for, you may have to dig through a few google pages to find the “right” information.  Sure, my keywords will get me towards what I need…but after filtering through all the sponsored information and the various blogs that […]

3 Proactive Plans for Productive Planner Prospecting

how to successfully work with meeting and event planners and win new business

Sometime during 2018 a woman walked up to me in the airport and struck up a light conversation about how often she sees me, and we compared our travel schedules while waiting for our pick-ups to arrive. I easily lost in who travels more, but I certainly consider myself a winner since our conversation turned […]

Prospect These Verticals Now for 3rd Quarter Success

target these three 3 types of B2B business for print marketing success in 2021

Even with Americans being vaccinated at an astonishing pace, we are not out of the woods regarding businesses reopening and people returning to offices. As a matter of fact, some companies are choosing to give up the brick and mortar and panoramic views from office buildings and continue working virtually as they have for over […]

2020 CMYK Manifesto: Research, Regroup, Relax, Reinvent

Greeting Citizens of The Printerverse and welcome to a New Year! My role as your Intergalactic Ambassador gives me a pretty unique vantage point since it allows me to be able to meet with, speak to and learn from so many of you out there each year. This annual post is my contribution to the […]

Project Peacock Print Fair to Conclude 2019 Tour in Toronto, Canada’s Creative Capital

The Printerverse – October 16, 2019 – Project Peacock Print Fair, the traveling ‘roadshow-and-tell’ event from Print Media Centr, is heading to Toronto, Canada. The final event of 2019 will bring tangible Printspiration to print-loving Canadian creatives, print buyers, marketers, students, and print service providers on November 7 at Steam Whistle Brewing from 6-9 PM. […]

When It Comes to Pricing Print Projects – Stand Your Ground!

Printers, Service Providers… lend me your ears. For far too long you have focused on price over value. Your need to ‘win’ the job has come at a great expense, literally, not only to your business but to the industry. The race to the bottom is not one you should be winning, or participating in. […]

War and Peace: What Hamilton and The Print Industry Have In Common

After an utterly fantastic Project Peacock event providing Printspiration to a room filled with print customers and PSP’s eager to learn about, and get their hands on the amazing print and paper samples shared by the Peacock Partners, I had some time to actually hang out in Chicago. One of the unexpected activities turned out […]

The Sad Truth About Paper Options and the Paper Supply Chain

I AM MAD AS HELL AND I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.. and I am not alone! At a recent event I attended, a panel represented by 5 paper mills and 1 merchant heard from a vocal crowd of printers who were less than thrilled with the current state of the paper supply chain. I am […]