drupa next age: Platform for Networking and New Business

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  The special area drupa next age (dna) sets the scene for newcomers and young talents from the print and packaging sector in a targeted manner. With Deborah Corn and Frank Tueckmantel, drupa has enlisted two strong partners with longstanding industry expertise for organizing and designing this show-in-show for cross-sectional technologies.     Big ideas, small […]

Reality Check: The Perception of Printing

optical illusion illustration by noma bar of a shark

I record and produce a significant number of episodes for Podcasts from The Printerverse. Discussions about printing, print business, print sales, and print marketing are often playing through my computer, earbuds, car speakers, and voice assistants like Alexa. When I have some mindless admin work to focus on, I click on my pop culture podcast […]

2022 Packaging Wrap Up

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It’s hard to believe the year is almost over! Here’s a quick recap of the exciting packaging topics covered this year. Overall, several interesting packaging topics were covered in 2022. The blog series began the year with the topic of fast-food packaging. The very nature of the fast-food industry puts a spotlight on packaging. All […]

AutoPack Summit 2022 Recap: Reuse, Return, Reunite

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Usually, this blog covers packaging from a print and digital perspective. This month, the blog is dedicated to automotive packaging and will give a quick recap of the Auto Pack Summit held in Greenville, SC this year from September 7 to September 9, 2022. Print lovers may believe packaging is great because its main purpose […]

Navigating Sustainability for Embellished Packaging

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Have you ever wondered what you or your customers can do with your decorated, embellished packaging and printed materials post-use? Once you really start digging into the topic, it becomes apparent that the word ‘sustainable’ has many meanings. It seems as if the rules for sustainable packaging are constantly changing and it is so very […]

Sustainable Packaging Needs Warrant Digital Printing Solutions

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Sustainability is one of the hottest topics in the world of packaging today. Companies proactively seek ways to define sustainability, outline targets, and develop sustainable packaging to meet their objectives. The packaging industry is predicted to surpass $230 Billion by the year 2030. Meanwhile, companies are pressured to meet sustainability goals. Packaging is very visible, […]

Xmas Xcess: A Holiday Guide to Packaging and Waste Management

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People are very conscientious about recycling packaging & waste on a daily basis, why not keep the momentum of sustainability going during this season of festivities? Think of the complete lifecycle, from beginning to end as you make holiday decisions and keep sustainability in mind. There are many actions you can take while going to […]

Paper vs. Plastic: 2021 Post-Pandemic Trends

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The most recent drive towards sustainability motivated many companies to rethink packaging.  Popular brands scrutinize the carbon footprints of their products.  Packaging received so much attention during the Pandemic that Forbes Designated 2021 – The Year of the Package. The quest for the most sustainable packaging includes reviews to reduce the environmental impact.  The goal […]

The ABCs of Packaging Design

ABCs of Packaging Design for Printing Success

Here are some tips I want to share to ensure you have the best packaging for your product. The buzz around sustainability, online shopping, shortages sparked by COVID-19, and the unboxing experience means that packaging has received a lot of attention lately. These quick tips are grouped to focus on aspects that emphasize the importance […]

E-Commerce Packaging – Past, Present and Future

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Past Catalog sales existed in the mid-1600s for seed and book sales, by the last half of the 1800s, mail-order businesses were well established in Europe. Trains shipped products to distant customers in barrels, bins, and boxes. Companies such as Tiffany’s, Sears, and Montgomery Ward were early leaders in catalog sales in the United States […]

Where are You on the Sustainable Packaging Spectrum?

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The Pandemic of 2020 brought awareness to sustainable packaging. Sustainability may be a new concept to the average person; however, in the print and packaging industry, this has been a high priority for decades. A series of events drove the evolution towards sustainable packaging. Initially, trash was simply buried, burned, or dumped. Packaging waste increased […]