Remote Control: Cybersecurity and Working From Home

cybersecurity and remote working is it safe

We’re all getting used to the ways in which COVID has changed our working lives. Dealing with restless children, tolerating loud roommates, Zoom fatigue, spouse fatigue, eating the same lunch again fatigue – the list goes on. These challenges are painfully present, but cybersecurity vulnerabilities, while closer to the bottom of your day-to-day worry list, […]

Print, Technology and the Circular Economy

how has Covid affected circular economy

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, some lauded a positive of the widespread virus – a win for sustainability, a chance for our natural habitat to ‘heal’ as people stayed home, factories closed their doors, cars stayed off the roads, and flights were grounded. However, on the other side of the coin, the pandemic […]

4 Ways Emerging Tech Can Help You Manage Supply Chain Risk

Karis Copp_print media centr

I didn’t plan on writing something that adds to the coronavirus information overload, but unfortunately, it continues to be at the forefront of my mind both personally and professionally, whether I like it or not! From a business perspective, there’s no doubt that COVID-19 is wreaking havoc around the world. Axios reports almost three-quarters of […]

Three Tech Trends for Print… in 2020 and Beyond

Happy 2020! That number alone sounds pretty futuristic – I’m sure if our child selves were asked what 2020 will be like, many of us would have conjured up images of flying cars, robot helpers, and food replacement pills. Well, we’re not quite there with the flying cars, (although the recent CES show did see […]

TRENDING: Today’s Startup Print Customers Are DEMOCOLLABORATING!

We’ve talked about how to woo start up companies and cultivate a love of print. Now that you’ve won a startup customer, there’s more work to be done. First and foremost, you need to understand and manage the “democollaboration” style of today’s young and new companies. Yes, I invented the term, and I’m going to use […]

[VIDEO] Print Smart: Evaluating Tools for Saving Time and Money

This Graph Expo panel focuses on tips, best practices for printers to assess their workflows and processes in order to find the right solutions for their business. Panelists from: • • • • • – Hosted by Deborah Corn

[VIDEO] Incoming! Print Techs and Trends You Cannot Ignore

This Graph Expo panel focuses on just launched/upcoming technology, and provides thought leadership as far as where the industry is heading. Panelists from: • • • • • – Hosted by Deborah Corn

[VIDEO] Breach Is The New Black: Data, Privacy and The Cloud

This Graph Expo panel focuses on helping printers understand how to protect their customers and their data by sharing best practices, tools, and tips. Panelists from: • • • • • – Hosted by Deborah Corn

Three Must-See Panels From The Printerverse at Graph Expo 15

Greetings Citizens of The Printerverse! Graph Expo 2015 is in the books, and what a show it was. From our first panel on Sunday to our last on Wednesday, the Printerverse welcomed over 1000 attendees who came to learn from our awesome Alliance Partners and yeah, have a little fun too. Beyond the four corners […]

Three Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business

by Roberto Blake Disruption doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact you should look for ways to turn it to your advantage and scale your business for the future, instead of being left behind. Taking and advantage of new technologies can usually help you in a few key areas: saving time, saving cost […]

Innovation, Personalization And The Cloud + More Predictions For Print In 2015

Greetings Earthlings, Prink Geeks and Citizens of the Printerverse! It’s a new year and while I am sure you have been planning for it, it’s always nice to hear some print prognostications from a wide range of industry pros. You can use this info to validate your direction or adjust it, seek out events to help […]