Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Happy Women’s Print HERstory Month to one and all! Of course, this print-centered initiative occurs alongside Women’s History Month, marked throughout March each year to celebrate women’s accomplishments and highlight women’s issues. Unfortunately, here in the UK specifically and I suspect elsewhere, the main news stories at the moment are emphasising how challenging and dangerous […]

It Takes Two: Digital Twins in Print and Beyond

what are digital twins

Happy New Year, Printerverse! Certainly here in the UK we still find ourselves at home, living our lives through screens. I’m sure all of us have friends, family, and colleagues that we haven’t seen from below the shoulders for the best part of a year, if not longer. We have become accustomed to our digital […]

Comms 2021: Employee Ambassadors and Data-Driven Culture

Employee Ambassadors are best advocates for businesses in data-driven culture

What comes to mind when I say ‘influencer’? It might be impossibly perfect people in designer gear on Instagram, gamers racking up millions of views on YouTube, business thought leaders who represent brands and organisations at corporate events – the list goes on, with influencer continuing to be one of the biggest marketing buzzwords of […]

HP Stitch and Reinventing Dye-Sublimation With Santi Morera and Joan Perez Pericot

Earlier this year, HP made its first foray into the dye-sub textile market, introducing the Stitch family of printers. Santi Morera, General Manager, Global Head of Graphic Solutions Business, and Joan Perez Pericot, General Manager Large Format Graphics Division, explain why it’s the right move at the right time for HP as they speak to […]

Do You Have Any Magic Under Your Workflow?

Workflow_Magic_ print media centr

Workflow is part of the business infrastructure, part of the supply chain, and a key element to production. It’s art and science working together to create tangible printed products that are acceptable in quality to the client. As integral to the print product as it is, workflow suffers as a second-class citizen in many print […]

MailChimp Postcard Beta – A Printer’s Perspective

mailchimp direct mail postcards

MailChimp, one of the most popular email service providers, launched a direct mail postcard feature earlier this summer. Several questions immediately came to mind when I heard of this: Is personalized direct mail supported? Do the postcards integrate into MailChimp’s email marketing automation campaigns? Should printing and direct mail service providers be worried? The benefits […]

Workflow Wisdom From Print 17


There are only a few tradeshows that attracts not only printers and print buyers, but an entire range of hardware and software providers. This year the organizers for Print 17 attracted new and existing exhibitors and in the neighborhood of 20,000 attendees to browse the show floor, meet with their current suppliers, identify potential new […]

What You Missed at Print 17

Kelly_Mallozzi_Printerverse_Print Media Centr

What’s that you say, my friend?  You didn’t make it to Print ’17?  You were too busy to make it?  You didn’t want to spend the money?  Hmmm.  Well. All I can say is, in the eternal words of Vivian from Pretty Woman, “Big mistake.  HUGE.” I am sorry to tell you this, but you […]

Are You Augmenting Your Sales Metrics With Reality?


Multi-sensory print with holograms. Beacons. Haptics. I’m a sucker for cool experiences enabled by technology. Feed me. Feed my geek. When it comes to marketing and print technology, I never go hungry for long. Perks for writing on Team PMC, and being a #PrintChat regular, include opportunities to make friends with techies and integrated marketing […]

Exclusive Interview: Benny Landa on Success and Innovation


Yesterday afternoon I had the distinct honor to be on a short list, for a short call, with Mr. Benny Landa and Yishai Amir, CEO, The Landa Group. They were on hand to discuss the new presses and technology that are sure to be the epicenter of drupa 2016 buzz. You can read all about […]

Personalized 3D Printed Gift Lures New Customers

3D Printing adds Novelty to Email-to-Print Marketing Campaign A business acquaintance just started using 3D printing in his sale prospecting process. I wish I had thought of it! First he collects names and email addresses when he does presentations. He offers a free personalized gift if attendees sign up for his email newsletter. Then he […]