High-Speed Digital Print and Finishing at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2023

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This international print industry event showcases innovations and further developments in high-speed digital print and finishing HUNKELER INNOVATION DAYS FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 2, 2023 • LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND Learn more here HUNKELER LONG AND PROSPER! Deborah Corn is the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse at Print Media Centr, a Print Buyerologist, international industry speaker and […]

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Happy Women’s Print HERstory Month to one and all! Of course, this print-centered initiative occurs alongside Women’s History Month, marked throughout March each year to celebrate women’s accomplishments and highlight women’s issues. Unfortunately, here in the UK specifically and I suspect elsewhere, the main news stories at the moment are emphasising how challenging and dangerous […]

Remote Control: Cybersecurity and Working From Home

cybersecurity and remote working is it safe

We’re all getting used to the ways in which COVID has changed our working lives. Dealing with restless children, tolerating loud roommates, Zoom fatigue, spouse fatigue, eating the same lunch again fatigue – the list goes on. These challenges are painfully present, but cybersecurity vulnerabilities, while closer to the bottom of your day-to-day worry list, […]

The Future of Work, the Future of Print

what will work look like in the future

How do you define the ‘print industry?’ To borrow a lyric from The Sound of Music, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? So vast is its context and so far-reaching is its impact, exploring the future of work in relation to the print industry has its challenges. The long-term effects on […]

Print, Technology and the Circular Economy

how has Covid affected circular economy

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, some lauded a positive of the widespread virus – a win for sustainability, a chance for our natural habitat to ‘heal’ as people stayed home, factories closed their doors, cars stayed off the roads, and flights were grounded. However, on the other side of the coin, the pandemic […]

HP Stitch and Reinventing Dye-Sublimation With Santi Morera and Joan Perez Pericot

Earlier this year, HP made its first foray into the dye-sub textile market, introducing the Stitch family of printers. Santi Morera, General Manager, Global Head of Graphic Solutions Business, and Joan Perez Pericot, General Manager Large Format Graphics Division, explain why it’s the right move at the right time for HP as they speak to […]

Building a Better Print Business with Dawn Olson, Konica Minolta


At the InPrint USA show in Louisville, Kentucky, Deborah spoke to Dawn Olson, Director of Production Print/Industrial Print Client Business Development at Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Dawn delivered the first keynote presentation of the educational programme at InPrint USA in April, in which she talked about business development for clients in industrial and production print […]

Do You Have Any Magic Under Your Workflow?

Workflow_Magic_ print media centr

Workflow is part of the business infrastructure, part of the supply chain, and a key element to production. It’s art and science working together to create tangible printed products that are acceptable in quality to the client. As integral to the print product as it is, workflow suffers as a second-class citizen in many print […]

Training the Next Generation of Workflow Wizards

WorkFlowWizardinTraining_ Print Media Centr

Across the years of doing workflow reviews and assessments one question comes up frequently: Where is the next generation of workflow specialist? It’s a good question. It is often followed by: Can I train someone to be my workflow expert? The answers are related. It is likely that your best candidate for your next generation […]

The Workflow Wizardry of Web2Print!

web2print workflow wizard print media centr

While explaining why so many of you are workflow magicians, last month we looked at preflighting and the magic it brings to a workflow. This time the topic is web-to-print. Web-2-Print is not the answer to every print providers dreams. Setting up a web-to-print storefront is not a guarantee that you will find new customers, […]

You Are a Print Workflow Magician! Here is How I Know!


In my last post, I said that not all document composition engines or word processing products or even creative layout solutions produce optimized PDF. Some PDF is slim but might be missing elements that make it easier for the Digital Front End (DFE) of your printer to turn into print. Some PDF is heavier – […]

The Magic of Digital Front Ends in Your Workflow!

Digital_Front _End_Print Media Centr

Last summer in this blog the topic of the magic inside your Digital Front End took position front and center. The idea was to start the conversation about a participant in your workflow that you may not think about. For most digital press buyers, the Digital Front End (DFE) is bundled into the purchase of […]