How to Help Overworked Print Customers Buy From You

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Making print sales isn’t easy these days. Supply chain issues are disrupting the process and the ability to promise everything will be ok with 100% certainty. This situation can make even the most seasoned print customers nervous especially if they work as a print producer at advertising agencies, brands, or corporations that plan their print […]

Use Print to Ask for Feedback and Improve Customer Relationships

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To improve our businesses, we need to continuously learn about the people we serve. Think about the process of asking for customer feedback, for example. While it’s not specifically a marketing activity, it shows customers we care about our relationship with them and we want to serve them better.  When you ask for customer feedback, […]

Build Trust to Grow Your Business

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Edelman PR consultancy recently released their annual Edelman Trust Barometer report. They surveyed over 36,000 people in 28 last November to gauge trust in institutions. A recent survey shows that people trust businesses more than NGOs, governments, and media. Trust in most industries increased from the year before. Source: Edelman Trust Barometer  You can build […]

2022 CMYK Manifesto: Know, Show, Do, Share

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This annual post has traditionally focused on what is in front of us in order to help customers generate business results with print. While there is still some uncertainty when it comes to planning meetings and events and when/if there will be a return to offices, we can control getting best prepared for whatever 2022 […]

Do Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs Drive More Print Profit?

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This blog is part 3 of a 3-part series: Maximize New Opportunities Through Current Customers. Catch-up here:  Part 1 – Is Your Print Business Maximizing the Value of Your Customers?, Part 2 –  How A Customer Reference Program Can Help You Sell More Print As consumers, most of us are happy when we “earn” a […]

This is Your Brain on Marketing

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Remember the 1980s public service announcement: “This is your brain on drugs. (Egg sizzles in a hot frying pan.) Any questions?” As kids, we all made fun of the ad, and it became the meme of its time. But it made an impression. It had a short, simple message with a shocking image. No long explanations […]

Wrapping Up 2021 with Bullish Thoughts for 2022

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This year has, in many ways been one giant blur. It was January, yada-yada-yada, and here is my year-end wrap-up post. What did I do? What did I accomplish? What did I learn? I took a look back at 2021…  Project Peacock morphed into a resource and education platform in 2021 and hosted more than […]

How A Customer Reference Program Can Help You Sell More Print

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This blog is part 2 of a 3-part series: Maximize New Opportunities Through Current Customers How many print buying prospects have you quoted that say they want to “think about it.” Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but delayed buying behavior like this often occurs when the prospect is on the fence. They aren’t quite […]

The Four Words That Define 2021

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As I reflect on 2021, I almost feel a little guilty about stating publicly what a great year it was for me. I was busy. I won new clients. I traveled. I spoke. In public. And I know from dozens of print companies that I work with that many feel that it was an important […]

Where, Oh Where Did the Print Customers Go?

how to locate remote customers in 2022

I have had vast conversations with big-budget buyers and print buyers buying on a budget over the last two years. I have spoken to designers, marketers, and decision-makers on all levels. One thing most have in common – uncertainly regarding their futures, and where they will be working in 2022 and beyond. The ‘where’ not […]

Top Ten Tips for Email Marketing Best Practices

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Many printing companies rely on email as their primary communications tool for reaching customers and prospects. Generally, email is used more than phone calls and face-to-face meetings combined. But email is hard and it’s getting harder. As old and omnipresent as it is, mail as a medium is untrusted. The reasons are clear: 94% of […]

Sales Notes from a Campaign Trail

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Sales Notes from a Campaign Trail  Having just run for a seat on my town council, campaigning for two solid months, and having not only won but having received the most votes of anyone in my district, including two popular incumbents, I can tell you that the metaphors for campaigning and sales wrote themselves. Campaigning […]