Sales Notes from a Campaign Trail

sales strategies from elections

Sales Notes from a Campaign Trail  Having just run for a seat on my town council, campaigning for two solid months, and having not only won but having received the most votes of anyone in my district, including two popular incumbents, I can tell you that the metaphors for campaigning and sales wrote themselves. Campaigning […]

3 Productive Ways to Follow Up on Following Up

how to successfully follow up with customers and prospects

Printers say the craziest things. While that isn’t the name of a new Podcast From The Printerverse series, it might as well be. I have heard some doozies as of late and they are worth sharing for two reasons. The first so I am not alone in the horror, and the second so all of […]

Does Your Print Business Really Have a PR Plan?

Does your print business have a pr plan

The truth is that most businesses (print or otherwise) do not have a public relations (PR) plan. We are all busy and the idea of creating and structuring a formal PR plan gets deprioritized below operations, sales, and even marketing. Most businesses only think of PR when they launch a new product, open a new […]

Print Samples: Let’s Play with Playing Cards!

use playing cards creatively_print sample tv_print media centr

When was the last time you played with a deck of cards? Real cards, not the online solitaire version?  Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself with decks of cards in my hands – real ones – that aren’t the traditional hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, but instead are decks for learning and […]

Winning Sales Strategy: The Moment for a Quick Sales Victory Lap

how to generate quick sales for quick profits

If you read my posts with any frequency or listen to the Print Buying UK v. USA Podcast co-hosted by me and Matthew Parker, you probably know I focus on helping printers create long-term relationships with print customers. I benefited from long-term relationships with my print partners throughout my agency career. Some of the printers […]

Lead Generation and Marketing Considerations For Printers

Lead Generation and Marketing for Printers-print media centr

The other day a client forwarded me an email that was written by the president of a commercial printing company who asked: Does anyone have suggestions for marketing specifically designed for lead generation? I’ve done plenty of work with this client over the years that resulted in generating leads, but most of our focus has […]

10 Things To Do When Updating Your Website

10 considerations for website updates print media centr

Whether you bring in a pro to help you update your website — or do it yourself — there are 10 things to do before you hit the publish button.  But first! I’d like to talk about one of my early clients. Mike Hasson was the founder of the Hasson Company, a luxury real estate […]

The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Customer Journey!

replacing the sales funnel for the customer journey

I remember the first time I read about the marketing funnel and how prospects go through an awareness, consideration, and decision process on their way to becoming a customer. It made so much sense. The other elegant thing about the funnel is it is large on top and small at the bottom. For every 100 […]

Beat the Summertime Blues One Week at a Time

A week by week plan to beat the summertimes sales blues

I’ve been there and I’ve done it. Summer comes. You take your foot off the gas pedal a bit. You tell yourself that people are on vacation. Things are “slow”. And you’re not wrong. People ARE on vacation. Things DO slow down. But this is 2021. This is a different year, and you are a […]

Prospect These Verticals Now for 3rd Quarter Success

target these three 3 types of B2B business for print marketing success in 2021

Even with Americans being vaccinated at an astonishing pace, we are not out of the woods regarding businesses reopening and people returning to offices. As a matter of fact, some companies are choosing to give up the brick and mortar and panoramic views from office buildings and continue working virtually as they have for over […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Current Customers from Your Competitors

best practices for customer retention

As your Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse my vantage point is unique. I am a connection point and information hub for more than 200,000 global industry members across all my communication channels. I am also on the receiving end of a myriad of daily requests for help and information from around the world. With this […]

The Shocking Power of Surprise

The Shocking Power of Surprise

Can you think of a time when you were so surprised that you literally fell off your chair, or spit out your coffee, or (insert terrible cliché about being shocked here)? Well, it turns out that being surprised can often leave a big impression. In fact, those moments in which you were caught off guard […]