How Printers Can Start a Relationship Marketing Program

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Are you ready to start a relationship marketing program that strengthens ties with your best print customers? We’ll use targeted email and add deeply insightful print to bring customers closer and transform our relationships with them.  Here’s how to get started, what to watch out for, and how to take it up a notch once […]

How To Boost Your Print Shop’s Open House with Digital Marketing

How To Host A Successful Open House Event For Your Small Business Print Media Centr

Hosting an open house event at your print shop is a great way to showcase your capabilities to your prospects and re-engage your current customers. That’s the great part about open houses: They can reignite cold sales funnels and accelerate new and current opportunities. The not-so-great parts of hosting an open house are that the […]

Should You Email People Who Didn’t Ask You To?

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Print business owners and marketers: Raise your hand if you have ever sent email marketing to a prospect database “that you acquired somewhere.” Be honest. (OK, everyone can put their hands down now). Email marketing is a natural complement to direct mail marketing. It’s also an efficient way to reach a lot of prospects in […]

Can Geofencing and Retargeting Work for Your Print Marketing?

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Your prospective print customers are everywhere. And yet they can be so hard to find. Quite a few of them are using your competitors, but some of those users would be better off buying print from you. To generate new leads and new revenue for your print business, consider two digital marketing strategies: geofencing and […]

Marketing Strategy + Execution + Continuous Improvement = Long-Term Profit

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Every printing company needs a marketing strategy, but most don’t have one. Strategically and logically combining print-based marketing and digital marketing is critical to achieving efficiency (minimal waste) and effectiveness (maximum ROI). Whether you believe your primary objective is building brand awareness, generating quality leads, strengthening customer retention, or increasing average order value, your ultimate […]

Why Creating a Search-Optimized Print Website Feels So Good

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feels so good. Why? Because a search-optimized print website can help you meet strangers: qualified print buyers you have never heard of and who possibly have never heard of your printing business. They are ‘qualified’ because they likely have the intent to purchase and proactively contact you to learn more. It’s […]

Cookie Cutter Print Marketing Doesn’t Generate High ROI

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Print shop owner #1: “Lead generation is hard, expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.” Print shop owner #2: “We are getting great ROI on our marketing, our customer base is growing, and we get new leads all the time.”  Both these printers are doing the same thing. One is winning and the other is wasting. Marketing ROI […]

Quirky or Classy, Your Newsletter is a Gift to Readers

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The following customer success story will help you improve your newsletter engagement and content marketing results. For my birthday, my cousin ships a gigantic gift box filled with unusual items she collects all year. Might be silver ornaments shaped like body parts to protect me from illness and injury. Could be a six-fingered glove, with […]

Direct Mail Verification: Anatomy of an Address Verification Program

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People working from home create challenges for the B2B marketer that wants to utilize direct mail. This blog post addresses this common problem and provides a real-life example to obtain people’s preferred mailing addresses. The goal of this article is to: Provides a concrete example that helps you better understand marketing automation; and Provides a […]

Top Ten Tips for Email Marketing Best Practices

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Many printing companies rely on email as their primary communications tool for reaching customers and prospects. Generally, email is used more than phone calls and face-to-face meetings combined. But email is hard and it’s getting harder. As old and omnipresent as it is, mail as a medium is untrusted. The reasons are clear: 94% of […]

Email Marketing is Easy, Affordable, and Gets Results

Email Marketing is Easy and Gets Results_print media centr

Email is a basic tool, but it is very powerful and has decades of marketing practices behind it. It’s perfect for a printing company on a budget.  Using affordable and strategic marketing tools such as email on a regular schedule will help plant your brand firmly and positively in your prospect’s mind.   BENEFITS OF EMAIL […]

Your Customers Really DO Want to Hear from You and Here’s Why

When I was a kid, there was this thing called the Helping Hand Program. If you were hurt, lost, or in danger, you could knock on the door of a house that had a handprint sign in the window. Kids knew that the family with a handprint sign would watch over you until your parent […]