QUIZ: Are you Investing or Dabbling in the Printing Industry?

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The printing industry is not just about printers, presses, and paper. It’s a multifaceted world, filled with opportunities, innovations, and challenges. Those opportunities, innovations and challenges require the commitment of dedicated industry members to keep us topical, educated and moving forward. There is a lot of whining and complaining from the industry members who do […]

Print Media Centr Launches 10-hour, Online Conference for International Print Day to Coincide with Print Across America on October 25, 2023

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Two print industry milestone events hosted and produced by Print Media Centr are scheduled for October 25th.   Print professionals around the world will share printspiration, knowledge, market trends and create global networking opportunities in celebration of International Print Day using the hashtag #IPD23 across their social media channels. This year’s theme is #PrintConnects and […]

Reality Check: The Perception of Printing

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I record and produce a significant number of episodes for Podcasts from The Printerverse. Discussions about printing, print business, print sales, and print marketing are often playing through my computer, earbuds, car speakers, and voice assistants like Alexa. When I have some mindless admin work to focus on, I click on my pop culture podcast […]

International Print Day #IPD20 and #GirlsWhoPrint Day go Back-to-Back in 2020

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Get Ready for a Double Celebration – International Print Day and Girls Who Print Day Go Back-to-Back The global print community has a lot to look forward to in October, with International Print Day taking place on October 21st, closely followed by Girls Who Print day on October 22nd The Printerverse – International Print Day […]

Create Customer Conversion Programs for Print Sales

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It’s almost month seven of COVID disruption and things are not getting much better. The United States leads the world with cases and deaths and the trajectory presented by Dr. Fauci from the White House Coronavirus Task Force shows that pattern will continue unless we mask-up, and get it together. His informed opinion is that […]

3 Ways to Achieve Global Glory on International Print Day (#IPD19)

Greetings Citizens of the Printerverse! It’s October and that means our industry holiday is on the horizon. International Print Day (IPD) is global celebration of print through social media for 24 hrs. The party starts at 6PM ET in the United States on October 22nd (9AM in AEDT in Australia / 11AM NZDT in New […]