QUIZ: Are you Investing or Dabbling in the Printing Industry?

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The printing industry is not just about printers, presses, and paper. It’s a multifaceted world, filled with opportunities, innovations, and challenges.

Those opportunities, innovations and challenges require the commitment of dedicated industry members to keep us topical, educated and moving forward.

There is a lot of whining and complaining from the industry members who do not contribute anything substantial to the big-picture mission of print. They are only focused on what they get out of the industry. They benefit from the opportunities, innovations, and learning how challenges were overcome by their peers and predecessors but spend their time booing from the sidelines instead of investing in winning the game.

Making an INVESTMENT in the printing industry doesn’t mean returns on day 1, it means investment. Doing something today that will hopefully pay off in the future. Return on Investment (ROI) is not guaranteed. However, if you are actively supporting the things that make your printing industry investment more attractive to others and foster growth, it should work out for you and everyone else.

Whether you’re a seasoned print pro, a start-up entrepreneur, or stumbled upon print and are here now, it’s time to define your level of commitment.

Here’s a 10-question quiz to help determine if you are investing or just dabbling in the printing industry:

How familiar are you with the various printing technologies and processes?

a) Very knowledgeable
b) Somewhat knowledgeable
c) Not knowledgeable at all

What is your primary motivation for being involved in the printing industry?

a) Long-term investment in business/career
b) I like what I do
c) Paycheck

How much research have you conducted on the current market trends and demands in the printing industry?

a) Extensive research and market analysis
b) Some research, but not in-depth
c) None

Do you have a well-defined business/personal plan or strategy for your involvement in the printing industry?

a) Yes, with clear objectives and timelines
b) Partial plan, but it needs refinement
c) No plan in place

Have you (or where you work) made significant financial investments in printing equipment, technology, or infrastructure?

a) Yes, substantial investments have been made
b) Some investments, but nothing major
c) Minimal to no investments

How do you handle competition and market challenges in the printing industry?

a) Adapt and strategize for sustainable growth
b) React as issues arise, but no long-term plan
c) Ignore or avoid competition and challenges

Are you (or your company) actively seeking partnerships or collaborations within the printing industry?

a) Actively pursuing partnerships and collaborations
b) Open to opportunities, but not actively seeking
c) No interest in partnerships or collaborations

Have you considered the environmental impact of your printing activities?

a) Yes, and I/we are taking steps to minimize the environmental impact
b) Somewhat, but not actively taking measures
c) No consideration for environmental impact

How do you stay updated on industry news, innovations, and best practices?

a) Regularly read industry publications and attend conferences
b) Occasionally stay informed
c) Don’t stay updated on industry developments

What is your long-term vision for your involvement in the printing industry?

a) To build a successful, sustainable printing business/career
b) To explore opportunities and see where it goes
c) No long-term vision

Now, tally your answers to see if you are investing or dabbling in the printing industry:

Mostly A’s: You are investing in the printing industry with a clear strategy, knowledge, and long-term commitment.

Mostly B’s: You are dabbling in the printing industry, showing some interest and involvement, but there is room for more focused efforts and planning.

Mostly C’s: You are not actively investing in the printing industry and may be treating it more as a short-term venture. Consider more research and planning if you want to take it more seriously.

To the A’s … THANK YOU!

To the B’s … Where can you make investments and improvements to get to the next level in your business and career? Who can help you?

To the C’s … The time to step up is now or get out of the way. You are holding us back by not investing your time, effort and money in the people, education and tools that make print a modern and not an antiquated medium.

2024 is right around the corner. It’s a drupa year. Consider making an investment in your future by attending the world’s most comprehensive printing event May 28-June 7 and see the new products coming to market. Learn from experts, analysts and suppliers from around the world who will all be in one place next year.

Until then, invest some time in the 10-hour online conference for International Print Day. It’s free, it’s global and the agenda is focused on the amazing things we can do with ink and everything, mixed with live broadcasts from Print Across America open house events, a tour of the Museum of Printing with Frank Romano, interviews, panels, and more from our partners.



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