Investing in Your Career is an Investment in You

blue image of a professional women to illustrate Investing in Your Career is an Investment in You

Hello, and Happy Women’s History Month. Wait, wait wait… keep reading.. This blog is for EVERYONE. March is the month we connect to the women in our lives, in history and culture. Those who created and contributed to the world as we know it. In honor of this month, I want to elevate the idea […]

Navigating the New Year: Setting Intentional Goals for Lasting Success

an abstract image of a blue maze for navigation

The start of a new year often brings a chorus of “New Year, New You” mantras, emphasizing the importance of setting intentional goals and personal transformation. While it’s great to have goals, we also often hear that people can hit mid-January feeling worse. Perhaps they’ve missed their goal line or struggled to add those good […]

QUIZ: Are you Investing or Dabbling in the Printing Industry?

inside view of a ticking clock with the word investment print media centr

The printing industry is not just about printers, presses, and paper. It’s a multifaceted world, filled with opportunities, innovations, and challenges. Those opportunities, innovations and challenges require the commitment of dedicated industry members to keep us topical, educated and moving forward. There is a lot of whining and complaining from the industry members who do […]

Why You Must Hang Out With Smart People In the Print Industry and Life

a brain in a multicolor background brain power

No matter where we are in our print careers and life, we must cultivate a large circle of smart people as colleagues and friends. Most of us have tight relationships with just a tidy handful of trusted, smart people. However, strategically, it’s essential to find and hang out with a variety of smart people – […]

How to Run a DIY Print Sales Improvement Program

orange bar chart with a rocket illustrating increased improved sales performance

If your print sales team wants to systematically improve — rather than leave things to chance — try running a DIY team program. The key is to choose training materials from a top sales trainer who understands the printing industry. Here’s how to lay out your DIY program, choose the right materials, and get started. […]

5 Tips to Combat Post-Holiday Work Blues for Organizational Productivity

illustration of overworked and overwhelmed woman at work sitting at a desk

The new year is meant to be a time of renewed purpose and energy but, in reality, it can be overwhelming catching up with all the things we didn’t want to deal with in December. Organizational productivity and goal setting can quickly get pushed to the side. I’m hearing that the post-holiday readjustment period seems […]

But Wait, There’s More: 3 New Business Ideas for Print Businesses

launching new business ideas

The summer is approaching and that typically means a little slow down for most print businesses, but honestly who knows anymore. We will collect metrics as we live through it and reflect on this and past years, like most situations since Covid kicked off. So, I’ll adjust. If you find yourself with a little extra […]

Witkowski, Dejan and Strull Launch MarketWise Academy

a black and white photo of three marketing professionals

MarketWise Academy was founded out of the desire to help creative communities navigate and thrive in a post-pandemic world, and to help busy creative and brand professionals stay up-to-date on training and advance their careers. “There’s a learning gap in our industry,” states Daniel Dejan. “Digital-first designers need to understand and master print’s role in […]

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Equality, Technology, and HERstory

Happy Women’s Print HERstory Month to one and all! Of course, this print-centered initiative occurs alongside Women’s History Month, marked throughout March each year to celebrate women’s accomplishments and highlight women’s issues. Unfortunately, here in the UK specifically and I suspect elsewhere, the main news stories at the moment are emphasising how challenging and dangerous […]

The Sales Overwhelm and How Ted Lasso Helped Me Solve It

ted lasso and sales

If you are tired of hearing me take some liberal leaps and tie TV shows, Broadway musicals, and movies into lessons about sales and printing, perhaps you had better give this blog post a pass. Because I am about to regale you with my obsession with TED LASSO. I seriously was blown away by this […]

Jumping on the 2021 “Word” of the Year Bandwagon

what was the 2020 word of the year

What’s your “word”? You can’t spend five minutes on social media in January without having ten of your friends, especially those in direct sales, ask you what your WORD of 2021 is going to be. My WORD? Yes, your word. Your word of focus. The word that will make all the difference. The word that […]