Now on PMC: Events, White Papers & Jobs

PrintMediaCentr is a Global communications platform providing resources and information to the Print and Integrated Marketing Service industry. Today, we are proud to announce three new site features to further enhance the sites capabilities, and the user experience. Global Events:  A comprehensive list of Industry Gatherings! Find Print and Integrated Marketing events, conferences, webinars, and […]

International Freelancers Academy website launched

From release: Hi, it’s Ed Gandia and Pete Savage here with a major announcement… We’re excited (and we think you will be too) because today we’re finally ready to pull back the curtain on what we’ve been working on since International Freelancers Day ended back in September! After the dust settled following that massively successful online video event, we asked […]

Finalists in PMC's "WIN A CAREER COACH CONTEST" announced

Congratulations to our Final Five! To vote for your favorite response to “What is Success” please click here and click “like” in the appropriate person’s entry. The winner of a FREE 60 Minute Career Coaching Session with Beryl Greenberg will be announced 11/18. Here are the finalists and their entries.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL! John […]

1/1: Interview with Career Coach Beryl Greenberg

Hi Beryl and thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us and for participating as the “prize” in PrintMediaCentr’s Win a Career Coach Contest. Hopefully this interview will serve as some background into you and your services, as well as provide some helpful information for people with career advice needs… and […]

PrintMediaCentr Presents: Win a Career Coach Contest

Inspiration sometimes comes from the strangest places, and I owe my latest to Donald Trump and his TV show The Apprentice. No “celebrities” in the Boardroom this time, this season focuses on contestants that have lost their jobs and have been hit hard by the economy.  While the ultimate winner receives a position within the […]

Hiring Plans Show Signs That the Worst May Be Over

From the responses of small business owners in the latest American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor Survey, things seem to be looking up.  While still closely watching the economy, many are planning to hire, and recent efforts to reign-in costs and focus on customers have better positioned them for growth. And, many more are discovering […]

30 Best Places to Work in Marketing & Media 2010

The recession of the past few years has forced great challenges upon the employed and unemployed alike in the media, marketing and advertising industry, as the jobless hunt relentlessly for new opportunities and many of the employed, fearing pink slips, find themselves locked into jobs that offer little or no career growth, flexibility or psychic […]

Guide to Marketing/Advertising Careers

For every store window you browse, Web site banner you click on, or TV commercial you watch, there’s someone behind the scenes who’s manipulated these media in an attempt to win your business. Those people work in advertising and marketing, a pair of closely related professions that blend business and creativity. Some jobs, such as […]

Advertising and Branding Career Advice from Marcel Knobel

Marcel Knobil, founder of the Creative and Commercial advertising agency, shares his advice on how best to achieve a successful career in advertising and branding. Those looking to start or further their advertising career, will benefit greatly from Marcel Knobil’s insightful answers to the following questions: “What elements are needed to succeed in the advertising industry?” […]

5 Habits of Highly-Successful Freelancers

I have the pleasure of knowing several highly-successful freelancers, some of whom are top names in their respective fields.I also know many very talented freelancers who are struggling. Try as they might, they just can’t seem to build any momentum in their business. Clients seem elusive. Good projects, scarce. So what’s going on? Over the […]

Printing Technology Courses in India

Printing Technology Courses in India became popular towards the latter half of the 20th century. With the advent of print media on a universal scale and innovations in printing technologies, this field of study has gained immense popularity among learners. Printing as a subject is huge and involves studying of different analog and digital technologies. […]

Agencies position for the rebound

More than any emerging channel or technological development, the most pervasive direct marketing trends in 2009 were shrinking marketing budgets and an ever-tightening belt across the agency landscape. Neither an agency’s size nor its capabilities offered shelter from the storm, as many direct agencies began the year with leaner staffs. Even digital leaders Razorfish and […]