To Print and Deceive? Business Cards, Branding, and Credibility

Image Source (Note: image modified to include text) The other day I read an article on Fast Company about Chris Sacca, one of the biggest Twitter investors since the company went public. The article (“Why Hustling Helps People Become Insanely Successful“) explains how the young Sacca felt snubbed by potential employers because his personal business […]

[infographic] Facts About Graphic Design Careers

I saw this infographic and thought it was worth sharing, but then noticed there was no information regarding when this data was compiled. I did a reverse search on the Bureau of Labor Statistics site where the data was taken, and found even MORE info for designers from May 2012. Yes, a little outdated but […]

Xerox CEO Offers Some Unusual Advice For Women

I dont usually do editorials, but in this case I couldn’t help myself. I came across an article today from the March 20th Wall Street Journal titled Xerox CEO Ursula Burns Has Advice for Ambitious Women. I clicked into it hoping to find some inspiration, and instead I got a heaping spoonful of WHAT THE ____! […]

Design And Print Production Salary Reports

I’ll keep it short and sweet since you will want to go right to the pertinent info: US and Canada 2013 Design Salary Guide: Design Salary Guide: The real-time resource for design compensation: From HOW Magazine: For an even better idea of what you should be earning, be sure to consider more than one design salary survey. […]

Who needs a mentor?

Of all the amazing things that went on in The Printerversetm at GRAPH EXPO this year – The GRAPHitti Wall, Girls Who Print Day, playing Rock Em Sock Em Robots with Benny Landa –  the panel discussion I put together titled “Wooing Women to Print: Mentors and Mavens” stood out as something very special.  It was just one of […]

Landa: Nano Promises Printing Revolution

So here it is… if you, like many, take the word of Mr. Landa to be the last word on all things print, we can finally put the debate to rest… PRINT, is not DEAD. Well, not all of print. We will have some casualties but this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. In any […]

Women of Print – RIT Needs OUR Help!

I received a request from a grad student at RIT to help spread the word on a survey being conducted regarding the status of Women in the Graphic Communications Industry. 5 minutes of your time could help the upcoming and future generations of Printresses out there… so please support this effort.  Here is the information… […]

Copywriter Uses Viral Video To Find Work

As someone who has reviewed hundred’s of resume’s, I am really loving the creativity that multichannel media is sparking in people looking for work.  From the QR code talking resume, to the Four Square Scrabble game, there is no better way to express who you are then by showing people, and Miguel Durao certainly makes […]

International Freelancers Day 2011: FREE Online Conference Sept 23

I attended this online conference last year, and immediately registered for this one as soon as I received the invite today.  If you freelance in any way shape or form, I guarantee it’s worth checking out at least a few of the sessions if you cant watch them all.   International Freelancers Academy is hosting […]

Infographic: Spice up your resume

Well the summer and wearing white is officially over – so it’s time to get back to business, dust off your resume and pound the online pavement for your next opportunity.  But before you do that, have a look at the infographic below.  A little bit of digital effort to get your resume noticed may end up […]

Mandatory Paid Time Off Around The Globe

Here in the U.S., the government doesn’t require companies to give employees a specific number of paid time off days. Around the globe, though, many governments do. Here’s a world view of paid time off policies. via Chart: Mandatory Paid Time Off Around The Globe : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum. Looking for […]