Investing in Your Career is an Investment in You

blue image of a professional women to illustrate Investing in Your Career is an Investment in You

Hello, and Happy Women’s History Month. Wait, wait wait… keep reading.. This blog is for EVERYONE. March is the month we connect to the women in our lives, in history and culture. Those who created and contributed to the world as we know it. In honor of this month, I want to elevate the idea […]

Why You Must Hang Out With Smart People In the Print Industry and Life

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No matter where we are in our print careers and life, we must cultivate a large circle of smart people as colleagues and friends. Most of us have tight relationships with just a tidy handful of trusted, smart people. However, strategically, it’s essential to find and hang out with a variety of smart people – […]

Are You Choosing the Right Chief Officer for Your Printing Company?

choosing the right person

As a printing company advisor, I help clients hire Chief Officer positions for sales, operations, and business transformation. Before we design a C-suite level role (let alone meet with recruiters and post job openings), I talk with the client about why hiring for the print industry is different – and special.  When hiring Chief Officer […]

How to Help Overworked Print Customers Buy From You

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Making print sales isn’t easy these days. Supply chain issues are disrupting the process and the ability to promise everything will be ok with 100% certainty. This situation can make even the most seasoned print customers nervous especially if they work as a print producer at advertising agencies, brands, or corporations that plan their print […]

The Rules of Attraction: Compelling the Next Generation of Print Stars

Attracting Next Gen workers _ print media centr

One of the main focal points of Print’18, held 2 weeks ago in Chicago, was THE NEXT GENERATION. Much energy and discussion surrounded what will happen to print when the “old guard” retires. I heard a story of one print shop having 3 CSR’s all retire in the same month, and, there was an edge […]

The Significant Cost of Outsourcing In-House Print Buyers


Among all the useless, and often industry self-generated questions of print relevance is a related topic that doesn’t get much airtime – Print Management Services. Print Management Services come in many flavors, but at the core, these are companies that have workers either placed within or acting as Print Production Managers / Print Buyers for […]

Study Results For U.S. Graphic Communication Industry Diversity Are In

Almost a year ago to the day, the Citizens of The Printerverse were called upon to lend their voices to this important research topic. The study results are in, and Dr. Twyla Cummings has graciously provided an abstract, and a summary of her findings. The following note was attached, pdfs of abstract and summary below. PLEASE share! […]

Is There Diversity in the Graphic Communication Industry?

Ladies and Gents of Print, Citizens of The Printerverse!! Once again it is our distinct honor to be able to help Dr. Twyla Cummings, Senior Associate Dean and Professor, Graduate Executive Board Advisor, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, conduct some industry research. Last time the focus was on a Comparative Study for Women in Graphic Communication, […]

Creating Value And Opportunity For Graphic Design in 2015

By Roberto Blake It’s 2015, and the landscape of graphic design has changed dramatically from how it was even a decade ago. This is not only a matter of new technology, but also a matter of a shift in the direction of advertising and marketing itself. There’s now an emphasis on customer engagement and storytelling […]

Full Comparative Study Results For Women in Graphic Communication Are In!

In November of 2011 I set off on a mission to help Dr. Twyla J. Cummings, Senior Associate Dean and Professor, Graduate Executive Board Advisor, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology round up some participation in a study aimed at determining how women are positioned in our industry today, compared to […]

Is Taking Work From HELL To HELL YEAH Really Possible?

With some dramatic accompaniment courtesy of Mother Nature, the thunder claps and lightning flashes outside my window this morning are providing the perfect atmosphere for writing about the WORK HELL some of us experience, or have experienced during our careers. I have read this infographic from AtTask a few times and I am a bit concerned that most […]