International Freelancers Day 2011: FREE Online Conference Sept 23

I attended this online conference last year, and immediately registered for this one as soon as I received the invite today.  If you freelance in any way shape or form, I guarantee it’s worth checking out at least a few of the sessions if you cant watch them all.


International Freelancers Academy is hosting the largest FREE online conference for freelancers and solo professionals: 

International Freelancers Day 2011 (our second annual!).

This free, content-rich event will be held on Friday, Sept. 23.

It’s fully online, so there’s no travel involved. And it will feature presentations from 17 top professionals and thought leaders in the areas of freelancing, solopreneurship, marketing, social media and personal development. 

You’ll learn from folks like Chris Garrett, Mike Stelzner, Shane Pearlman, Dyana Valentine, Charlie Gilkey, James Chartrand, MikeMcDerment, Ed Gandia… and 9 others.

Altogether, you’ll get 4+ hours of free, content-rich instructional video presentations on a variety of topics. A boatload of proven strategies, tips and ideas. Plus some fantastic online-networking opportunities with the presenters and with thousands of fellow freelancers!

This is our annual gift to the global freelance community. That’s why it’s completely FREE to attend!

To save your seat all you need to do is register, which takes all of 4 seconds. To register, or to learn more, visit

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