4 ways to Share Printspiration and Print Love in February and All Year Long

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With Valentine’s Day in February, you already have a door cracked open for the opportunity to share some printspiration and print love with your creative print customers. Here are four ideas for winning some hearts, minds, and dollars. Creative Color Combinations A color pallet is key to branding and marketing campaigns. Many of the design […]

The Perfect Partnership: Collaboration Between Printers and Designers

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In the world of printing and design, collaboration is key. From business cards to banners, brochures to billboards, the collaboration between printers and designers each bringing their unique skill sets to the table is a crucial element in producing high-quality print materials that stand out in a competitive market. Now, I realize that this concept is […]

3 Ways to Earn Trust Through Collaboration with Print Customers

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The secret to earning referrals and long-term loyalty with print customers for their printing and print marketing needs is really no secret. Creative collaboration is the key to success. Collaboration can take many forms. On the lowest end, we have information exchange and administrative collaboration: emails, calls, job status, pricing, billing, and so on. The […]

But Wait, There’s More: 3 New Business Ideas for Print Businesses

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The summer is approaching and that typically means a little slow down for most print businesses, but honestly who knows anymore. We will collect metrics as we live through it and reflect on this and past years, like most situations since Covid kicked off. So, I’ll adjust. If you find yourself with a little extra […]

Paper Shortages and the Impact of Digital Print in Packaging

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Everyone seems to be talking about supply chain issues and the paper shortage right now. Though the shortage is centered in Europe, this is having a worldwide impact. As a packaging professional keeping up with supply chain issues over the last two years, this round of shortages is a bit different. I would compare the […]

BYOB – Beverage Packaging Gets Personal

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It is estimated that the global digital print market for packaging will reach $28 billion by 2024. This segment has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Packaged beverages have been a significant driver of growth. Beverage manufacturers made digital printing one of the standard printing processes in the packaging industry. As […]

Build Back Better Brings Print Customers

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This is not a political post. It’s a financial one for design, print, and marketing pros. At the end of 2020, the United States Construction Industry was valued at $1.36 Trillion Dollars. Even with the pandemic, private residential and non-residential construction had record-breaking figures. Up until 2020, the construction industry employed more than seven million […]

Witkowski, Dejan and Strull Launch MarketWise Academy

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MarketWise Academy was founded out of the desire to help creative communities navigate and thrive in a post-pandemic world, and to help busy creative and brand professionals stay up-to-date on training and advance their careers. “There’s a learning gap in our industry,” states Daniel Dejan. “Digital-first designers need to understand and master print’s role in […]

A Time Travelers Guide to Digital Printed Packaging

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Digital printing is all the rage, we hear about it often in the packaging industry. How did we get here? Currently, there are over 25,000 companies in the United States alone that specialize in commercial printing, and just under 10,000 of those companies have digital print capabilities. The global digital print industry is valued at […]

Can History and Innovation of Soup Packaging

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As the holiday season approaches and the weather cools off, people gravitate toward warm comfort foods like soup. What does comfort food like soup have to do with packaging?  Believe it or not, the history of soup and its commercialization goes hand in hand with packaging. Military History Canned foods were first used on a […]

Packaging Design Meets Graphic Design

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Startups juggle many things when launching products. It is a combination of taking care of business and a labor of love to make sure every detail is just right. While there is a great deal of excitement around tweaking the product, finding customers, marketing, and getting distribution channels, it is tempting to push packaging to […]

Project Peacock: A Resource Playground for Printers and Creatives

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These days good information is increasingly difficult to come by. Unless you already know what you’re looking for, you may have to dig through a few google pages to find the “right” information.  Sure, my keywords will get me towards what I need…but after filtering through all the sponsored information and the various blogs that […]